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Top Democratic Presidential Candidates In US 2024 Elections


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The democratic party is currently ruling the United States of America and Joe Biden is the face of that. A few months ago, it was doubtful that Biden was thinking about a second term, primarily because of his age.

Now that the speculations state that Joe Biden will run for the Presidency in 2024, the list of Democratic presidential candidates will surely spice up a bit. 

Best Democratic Presidential Candidates In 2024 USA Elections 

There are high chances that the incumbent president might not be the top choice for the Democratic party to run against the Republican candidate in 2024. So, the citizens of the USA should know who possibly they are going to see as a presidential candidate in the forthcoming election. 

Before taking a look at the list, let us tell you that the current president of the USA, Joe Biden is the most likely choice, but you never know what will happen in these elections. With Biden giving positive signals, other candidates make quite a good case for themselves. Now without further delay, let’s look at the list of top 10 democratic presidential candidates for the 2024 presidential election.

Best Democratic Presidential Candidates In 2024 USA Elections

1. President Joe Biden 

Whenever Biden faced questions about his plans to run for the Presidency in 2024, he always said he plans or intends to run. Now, as we are months away from the presidential elections, Biden is likely eyeing the president’s post. We expect that Biden will announce his re-election campaign at the beginning of 2023.

The most likely scenario is that Joe Biden will be the Democratic presidential candidate in 2024, but polls show that a significantly less number of democratic voters will vote for the current president of the USA to advance him to the actual presidential election against the Republican candidate.

President Joe Biden 

2. Pete Buttigieg 

In the Biden administration, Pete Buttigieg works as the secretary of Transportation. When we think about presidential candidates, most likely, the names that come to our minds hold the posts like secretary of state or attorney general.

It might be surprising that the secretary of Transportation is in the 2nd position right after the president in the list of most likely democratic candidates for 2024.

Buttigieg made a name for himself when he became the face of the infrastructure bill, which had made quite a buzz in the last couple of months. The man has earned people’s trust by investing in local projects.

Buttigieg is only 40 years old and has a promising political career ahead of him. If 2024 does not turn out as he wants it to be, he can eye the 2028 presidential election. 

Pete Buttigieg 

3. Kamala D. Harris

Kamala D. Harris is the existing vice president of the United States of America. History shows that the vice presidents of the USA usually build a completely different image from the president of that period. Biden’s second in command failed to do so and had a relatively tumultuous first two years at the office.

Currently, Joe Biden is considered the most unpopular president of the USA. The same thing applies to Kamala Harris’s post. Kamala will be the frontrunner in the presidential race from the Democratic party if Biden decides against running in 2024.

The most significant advantage of Kamala Harris is that she will get massive support from the black voters of the USA. Though she has steadied the ship a little bit, the current vice president must do a lot to craft an image for herself to be the favorite among her party people.

Kamala D. Harris

4. Amy Klobuchar 

If the Democrats want to pull off something similar to the 2020 presidential election, then Amy Klobuchar will most likely be the presidential candidate. During the 2020 presidential election, the Minnesota senator decided not to run after she finished third in the New Hampshire primary.

Instead of running, the senator gave all her support to the current president of the USA, Joe Biden. She is an orthodox politician.

Though Amy is not quite popular among the masses, that did not stop Biden from winning in 2020. There are high chances that Trump will be the Republican candidate in the upcoming election. So, Democrats can think of repeating the same winning strategy with Amy being the face of the Democratic party.  

Amy Klobuchar

5. Elizabeth Warren 

Unlike our previous possible presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar and current USA president Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren is quite popular among the masses. Though the Massachusetts senator never claims to be running for the Presidency and always claims to be running for re-election, the chances are high that she might jump from reelection to presidential election in the future.

In the recently conducted polls on the 2024 election, democrats get thrashed by the Republicans. Before that, Warren heavily criticized the party policy in an op-ed published in the New York Times. This approach could create a launch pad for her presidential campaign of Warren, where she can be someone who has an eye for the future and only thinks about the people of the USA. 

Elizabeth Warren

6. Bernie Sanders

As we all know that the 2024 primary election for the Presidency is very much open, the senator of Vermont, Bernie Sanders, is considering running for the post of Democratic presidential candidate for the third time.

When Sanders failed in 2020 to register a national bid, most people assumed this would be the last time for him in the presidential race.

Proving everyone wrong, the veteran senator is back and can be the democratic candidate if Biden opts out. Chances and hopes of the 80 years old politician are getting higher because the liberals of the country have backed Bernie Sanders for a very long time. 

Bernie Sanders

7. Gavin Newsom 

The present governor and former mayor of California, Gavin Newsom’s name has always been there due to his big ambitions. At present, Newsom will likely win the second term as the governor in the upcoming election in November. A few days ago, Republicans of California tried to recall Newsom as the governor, but their funny approach made Newsom’s position much more robust compared to earlier.

When Newsom faced the question of whether he was considering running for president or not, he answered in the San Francisco Chronicle that he was not even thinking that. He is most likely playing coy; as we have mentioned earlier, he has always been a bit ambitious. 

Gavin Newsom 

8. Gretchen Whitmer 

Unlike most of the other candidates on the list, Whitmer has stated in a recent interview that he will support Biden if he chooses to run in the 2024 presidential election. He is the current governor of Michigan.

Gretchen Whitmer can be an ideal candidate for the president as he ticked quite a few boxes, which speaks about his character. He is well regarded not only by the people but also by his fellow democrats.

The Michigan governor has also proven himself by getting elected as the governor in a swing state like Michigan. He will strengthen his claim as the democratic presidential candidate if he wins the 2022 reelection race for Governor of Michigan. 

Gretchen Whitmer 

9. Roy Cooper 

Roy Cooper might not be a prominent name in national politics, but he has done something close to impossible in the last few years. He has been the governor of the state of North Carolina, which has been a state known for supporting Republican candidates.

Cooper was elected not once but twice, and as a Democrat, it is difficult to do so. Cooper, with his enigmatic persona and years of political experience, can attract voters of the Democratic party.

Cooper can also fancy his chances because previously, governors of southern states have run for the Presidency and won the election. The names to do are Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter. 

Roy Cooper

10. Cory Booker 

Cory Booker tried to win the Presidential bid as the Democratic candidate in 2020 but failed miserably back then. His electoral campaign never started adequately, but we hope failure made him wiser. Things that made Booker, the present senator of New Jersey, an appealing candidate back in 2020 remain true in 2022.

There is an elevated possibility that things will be similar to the current situation. People might question his last unsuccessful attempt, but the senator’s charismatic persona and a healthy amount of star power can propel him to the spot we are discussing here. 

Cory Booker 

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Recently, the Washington Post conducted a poll showing that only 26 percent of the Democrats want Biden as their presidential candidate. Things can change, and numbers might turn in Biden’s favor if the inflation shrinks.

With this being the background of the upcoming 2024 presidential election, we hope that now you have become familiar with the names of the possible democratic candidates.

You can see any one of the names on the ticket. People always liked to look at hypothetical alternatives. But the question remains the same whether it is going to be President Biden or someone else.

Keep pondering the question as new presidential candidates can emerge at any time as we slowly gear up for the race to win the White House about to begin. 

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