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Former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion George Foreman Accused Of Sexual Abuse


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The conundrum  George Foreman, a former World Heavyweight boxing champion, who is now at 73  faces is that he was brutally accused of sexual abuse that happened back in the 1970s.

George Foreman is the most promising deadly talented American former Professional boxer, minister, and entrepreneur. An Olympic gold medalist has won the heavyweight championship two times and he is nicknamed “Big George”. 

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George Foreman Is Charged With Sexual Abuse, Find Out!

The complainants are now in their mid-sixties and they accused him of sexual abuse and molestation when they were minors. They have given the complaints under pseudonyms as they don’t want their identity to be revealed.  

One among the complainant is referred to as ‘Denise S’ and the other woman as ‘Gwen H’.

Here one of the women was the daughter of Foreman’s advisor and manager and the other woman was the daughter of a boxer, whom Foreman trained. They used to be very attached to Foreman when they were at their thirteen to sixteen ages. Foreman was at his prime 23 years of age when he did this abysmal act. 

George Foreman Is Charged With Sexual Abuse, Find Out

The peccant Foreman has denied this unapologetic allegation against him.

“Over the past six months, two women have been trying to extort millions of dollars each from me and my family. They are falsely claiming that I sexually abused them over 45 years ago in the 1970s. I adamantly and categorically deny these allegations. The pride I take in my reputation means as much to me as my sports accomplishments, and I will not be intimidated by baseless threats and lies. I am, and always will be, guided by my faith and trust in god. I will work with my lawyers to fully and truthfully expose my accusers’ scheme and defend myself in court”, Foreman vehemently quoted his opinion. 

His statement might seem, to come from a precocious man who won an Olympic gold medal. But with this statement, he is in a state of liberosis, and he is ready to face and defend himself in front of the law.

Sexual abuse cannot be considered daft and silly and it cannot be categorized as an aberration that happens in human beings. The complainants stated that what he did to them was indeed clandestine abuse, starting in a San Francisco hotel to an extent in an apartment in Beverly hills.

With much trepidation from the woman, presumably, Gwen H had to comply with the copulation, because Foreman threatened her with her father’s career.

He molested and abused her to the extent that she was told that if she doesn’t comply, then her father’s job will be at stake. So in order to save her father from Foreman’s claws, she decides to abide by his rules. 

His indiscretion and the abuse lasted for quite a long and both these women were afraid of his capricious behavior. He wasn’t bothered by the ramifications because of his fame, and money. Power nothing was impossible for him.

The poor women were helpless and their mouths were sealed by his power. In Spite of their recalcitrance, he tried to molest them and forced them into copulation. They both floundered, not knowing what to say. 

In his above-mentioned statement, he accentuates that, the women have come to traduce him after long 45 years of their exile.

But the truth is that, even if it has happened before long years or whatever, if the victim has volition, they can file a complaint. Time is not an encumbrance for justice. “ justice should prevail”. So they have demanded a jury trial and they hope to get the justice they asserted in their lawsuit that this is a clear case of ‘intentional infliction of emotional distress’. 

Sexual abuse and molesting of a minor, at the age where her innocence has to be preserved, committing such a heinous crime is not something that can be considered diminutive. It is clearly confounding to the world.

Abusers will be in their incognito and they always try to defend their outside and harbors steer sexual fantasies. Even the small children are becoming the victims of others’ concupiscent eyes.

Having immense wealth, pride and power will force them to forget about their etiquette.

We live in a world where money and power could do anything possible. Deliberately inflicting pain, especially causing mental trauma is something not appreciable, it will certainly make a debilitating person stultify them from the roots.

In this lawsuit filed against Foreman, even though the complainants are in their sixties, they thought that they should get justice and Foreman should be proven guilty. 

This sexual assault and molestation had given idelible red marks in their lives and they unknowingly got caught in the labyrinth of these hot issues.

This lawsuit paved a way for a conflagration in the career of George Foreman. Now the Foreman had to ruminate over this highly controversial issue which can cause his mental sanity and his pride. 

 As he mentioned in his statement above, this is not a case of extorting money from him. This is a case of seeking justice and this case could be considered as an example of the courageous women, who had spent most of their lives on this earth.

Foreman accused of sexual abuse and mendacity, had pontificated his views in a derogatory way there by trying to disparage these victims. He accused their courageous deed as unabashed and pretty demeaning. 

With the verdict, we could expect that if he had committed this crime, then he would be forfeited according to the law for his anomie.

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A person with a concupiscent attitude is dangerous in maintaining the ecosystem. This unscrupulous and incorrigible attitude can question the security which is deteriorating for women across the globe.

Women are always deprived of their basic rights and are always subjected to abuse, oppression, and suppression.

Even in this 21st century though we consider ourselves developed, inequality still prevails. For women who are subjected to rape, molestation, and assault, the laws around the world are answerable to the inequality that has no purview yet.

The deafening silence that has been endured by women for ages should be heard. It is amazingly awful that even now there exists these inequalities and suppression.

The furore for women’s rights is really a charade. It is not applicable in one’s life and women across the globe are suffering inexplicably. The world’s disdain towards being a woman should be obliterated and the laws should confirm that equality prevails. 

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