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Remarkable!! David Spade Gifts $5000 To Viral Burger King Employee!


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David Spade made a remarkable day by giving $5000 to an employee of Burger King. Kevin Ford has apparently never taken a day off while employed by the fast-food chain’s location at the Las Vegas airport for close to three decades. 

Moreover, he never faced a problem during his time working for the company. Also, it could be seen that the goodie bag was sent to him as a thank-you message by the HMS host who supplies labor to Burger King.

David Spade Gives Thousands To A Burger King Worker Who Got A Goodie Bag For 27 Years’ Service!!

The gift bag did include many items such as a movie ticket, a few keychains, Reese’s bag, a Starbucks cup, a lanyard, two writing pens, and two packs of Lifesavers. Ford created a video showing the perks and making a lighthearted jab at the company.

Remarkable!! David Spade Gifts $5000 To Viral Burger King Employee

The Burger King brand and its many franchisees nationwide are committed to recognizing and celebrating the accomplishments of the thousands of people serving along with a wide range of roles where all could be seen as dedicated to giving a world-class experience to the guest.

It is seen from the franchisee of this location that this video depicts a Team Member being awarded a peer-to-peer incentive in recognition of a recent successful performance or experience. According to the statement, the franchisee offers its Team Members a thorough employee appreciation program that recognizes financial prizes and tenure milestones.

His daughter created a fundraising campaign to help lift Ford’s spirits. “Hello, My name is Seryna,” said the statement on the page, which has garnered $39,903 so far. “My father is the man in the video. Yes, he has never missed a day of work in his 27 years of employment at the company. When he was granted custody of me and my sister around 27 years ago, he initially started working here as a single parent.”

“Then, when our family grew and he got remarried, he stayed working here because of the great health insurance that was supplied by this employment because it was unionized,” the message says. 

This provided comprehensive healthcare coverage for all four of his daughters when they attended high school and college. Even though he appears young, his dad could be seen approaching retirement age, and leaving would cost him his retirement. This is why he still works there. He is not expecting any money, and neither are we, but he would love to see his grandchildren if anyone felt inclined to bless him.

When Seryna discovered that David Spade had donated $5,000, she informed her father. Until Ford noticed a remark saying, “Keep up the good work,” on his Instagram, he was unsure if it was the stand-up comic himself.” As a “big fan of David’s,” the staffer said, “getting a donation plus some fun back and forth with Spade is crazy.”

Ford continued by saying that the money would assist him to travel to Texas to see his daughters and grandchildren. He also intends to purchase a new Ford hybrid with the money.


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