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Danica Patrick Talks About Her Illness: She Suffers From Breast Implants!!


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Danica Patrick, a former NASCAR racer, stated she had her breast implants removed after facing medical issues she felt were triggered by the implants. Patrick, who turned 40 in March 2022, revealed on Instagram about her breast implant removal, closely eight years after getting the procedure. 

Danica Patrick Suffers From Breast Implants

Patrick, who is 32 years old, said she received silicone implants in 2014. Patrick said she started having health problems four years later, in 2018 and spent the next four years trying to employ what was causing symptoms together with weight gain, leaky gut, inflammation, heavy metal toxicity, menstruation changes, and thinning hair. 

Danica Patrick Talks About Her Illness She Suffers From Breast Implants

She went to numerous doctors, and took thyroid medication, tried a 90-day gut-healing routine, and was taking “up to 30 medications a day” to get her health back, but it was all for naught. As per the Food and Drug Administration, Patrick was diagnosed with breast implant sickness. It is a term devised by patients and doctors to label symptoms experienced by women subsequent to breast reconstruction with implants.

Breast implants can sometimes trigger a “chronic inflammatory response” in the body, by Dr. Shaun Parson, the Arizona-based plastic surgeon who detached Patrick’s implants. “Their bodies usually have this kind of persistent inflammatory answer to this thing, this implant,” said Parsons, a board-certified plastic surgeon. “I’ve seen too many patients improve when you remove their implants, and I believe we need to undertake more research to figure out why.” 

One week after her implants, Patrick desired that she felt “great.” There will be more testing yet to complete. On the inside and exterior, there will be physical changes that I am excited to convey. 

Breast implant disease: What you should know

Breast implant sickness is not yet a recognized medical term, according to Diana Zuckerman, Ph.D., president of the National Center for Health Research, who has studied the health effects of breast implants for over 30 years. 

“Diagnosis by exclusion,” according to Zuckerman, meaning there is no test, however there are tests for other conditions with similar symptoms. “Doctors will spot breast implant infection if this storm of symptoms has no pure root.”

She claims Patrick’s waiting years’ experience for a diagnosis is common among women who suffer from health issues as a result of breast implants. According to Zuckerman, who was not involved in Patrick’s care, breast implants might take years to cause difficulties, making it more difficult to attribute complications to breast implants. 

Breast implant surgery is an elective operation that is performed not only for cosmetic reasons, but also for women who are having breast reconstruction following a medical procedure such as a mastectomy. As per Zuckerman, breast implants can damage the body if they leak. 

The FDA issued new recommendations for breast implants in October, including a black box warning and a side effect checklist for doctors and patients. Zuckerman, who served on the FDA’s implant safety working committee, encourages women considering implants to make sure they have the financial means to have them removed if necessary.

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