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Curious To know!! Is Finn Dead In “The Bold And The Beautiful”, Tanner Novlan Leaving The Show?


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The bold and the beautiful is a quite old yet interesting show which is produced by William J. Bell and Lee Philip Bell. It was first aired on 23rd March 1987 on television. The entire show is set up in Los Angeles and is scripted around the Haute Couture company of the Forrester family.                                                                                                                                           

What Is Wrong With “Finn” In Bold And The Beautiful?

Finn’s character is a refreshing and charming one for the viewers of the Bold and the beautiful. He has several features which make him different from other characters in the show. But after the last episode of the series, many of his fans are worried over Is Finn dead on the Bold and the beautiful? Many people are also thinking that Tanner Novlan is soon going to leave the show. In this article, we will talk about the future of Finn’s character in the bold and the beautiful series.

The Bold And The Beautiful, Tanner Novlan Leaving The Show

Bold And The Beautiful Last Episode Recap

Steffy and Shiela had an argument with each other in which Steffy said that shiela is not in a relationship with Finn or Hayes and she will never see them ever again. However, Shiela tells Steffy that even Steffy cannot keep her away from Finn or Hayes and gradually she becomes quite raged over this issue. After this heated argument, Shiela got furious and pointed a pistol at Steffy’s head in a while. After this raged incident, Finn gets between Steffy and Shiela in order to save his wife and child who was still unborn. In all of this chaos, the bullet gets into Finn’s belly, Although Shiela fired that bullet at Steffy. After this, Steffy screams louder and breaks down while trying to wake Finn up. She calls Shiela a monster and tries to contact 9-11. But Shiela had other plans, she again points the gun at Steffy stopping her from calling the 9-11.

After this episode, fans are quite upset as well as heartbroken about Novlan’s suspected death which means his departure from the show. The fans are also quite sad to see the condition of Steffy over the series. In this episode, Finn collapse while trying to save his wife from Shiela but Steffy is still unsafe and under gunpoint of Shiela.

Curious to know, what next? Is Novlan Bidding goodbye to the show?

After this, the fans are also thinking that Tanner Novlan who plays the character of Finn might be leaving the show. But we think that this is not going to happen for a while as CBS has not made any announcement regarding this till now. Tanner Novlan is also quite active on his social media handles and apart from the CBS, the actor has also not done any announcements on his social media. It is seen that generally if an actor is about to leave the show, it is announced before his/her final episode by the Soap. Also, it is quite normal in the soap for characters to return from the verge of death. However there are also many rumors of Novlan leaving the show but as there are not any official statements regarding this, we cannot say anything clearly on this matter.

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