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City On A Hill Canceled At Showtime After 3 Seasons


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The City on a Hill series is coming to an end. Variety reports that Showtime will cancel the show after September’s third season’s finale. Since there won’t be a fourth season, the series finale that aired on September 25 is now considered the season finale. But according to the latest information, Showtime had already made the choice months earlier while David Nevins, the previous head and CEO of Paramount Premium Group, was in charge.

Chris McCarthy then succeeded Nevins. Showtime stated the program’s cancellation, which you can read as follows: The Season 3 conclusion of City on a Hill marked the end of the show’s gratifying run on Showtime. Working with Kevin Bacon, Aldis Hodge, and the entire cast and crew has been a pleasure. Tom Fontana, the show’s creator, and fellow executive producers Jennifer Todd and Jorge Zamacona lead the cast and crew. Everyone deserves our heartfelt gratitude.

City on a Hill

Chuck Mclean created City on a Hill, executive produced by series stars Kevin Bacon and Aldis Hodge, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Barry Levinson, and showrunner Tom Fontana. Bacon and Hodge were joined by Jonathan Tucker, Mark O’Brien, Lauren E. Banks, Amanda Clayton, Jere Shea, Kevin Chapman, and Jill Hennessy in the series.

MovieCity On A Hill
CreatorChuck Maclean
StarsKevin Bacon
Aldis Hodge
Lauren E Banks
Filming LocationNew Rochelle
New York USA
Production CompaniesPearl Street Films
Released DateJune 7 2019

Jackie Rohr’s Role With Kevin Bacon Will Be Missed

Although Kevin Bacon has acted on the screen, he particularly enjoyed playing his role in City on a Hill. According to Next Avenue, the actor remarked that because Jackie Rohr has so many facets, it was enjoyable for Bacon to portray him throughout the show’s three seasons.

So, Bacon explained, the character’s nonconformity makes playing him so amazing. He was raised in really difficult conditions, came from a family with minimal money, and is a street-smart young man who has yet to graduate from college. He is, quite simply, really well-read, talkative, and has this incredible knowledge of everything, whether true or not — because he spews a lot of nonsense.

He continued, saying the persona has undoubtedly read a lot of material. Even though Jackie never appears to be reading a book, he always manages to cite a ton of them, which is one of my favorite aspects of the program.

Fans can still anticipate seeing Bacon and Hodge in forthcoming superhero-themed projects as they play different parts. In the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special video, Bacon was most recently spotted, introducing him to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

On November 25, 2022, the special is scheduled to debut on Disney+. Regarding Hodge, he may be seen on the big screen in The Rock’s most recent movie, Black Adam. Given the movie’s commercial success, Hodge will appear more frequently in the DC Extended Universe. In addition, Hodge recently received the lead in an upcoming Alex Cross Prime Video series.

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About The Show

In 2019, “City on a Hill,” a Chuck MacLean production, made its debut. The series, set in early 1990s Boston, starred Bacon and Hodge as FBI agent John Rohr and district attorney DeCourcy Ward. The two form a collaboration as they work together to root out corruption in their City’s legal system. The other cast members were Jill Hennessy, Matthew Del Negro, and Lauren E. Banks. The series was executive produced by Bacon, Hodge, showrunner Tom Fontana, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Barry Levinson.

The three seasons of the show have earned generally favorable reviews from critics. Ben Travers, an IndieWire TV critic, praised the show’s first season for being well-balanced and emphasizing forward movement rather than giving in to churlish attitudes or pornographic content. As followed by Decourcy Ward (Aldis Hodge), an assistant district attorney, and Jackie Rohr (Kevin Bacon), an FBI agent who is both dishonest and well-known, as they work together to solve crimes in 1990s Boston, City On A Hill was a fascinating and thrilling watch for its three-year run.

Although the two have different ideals, the show constantly depicts their trust issues as they alternately put each other down. After a year in development, City On A Hill launched in 2019. Following its first season, the show received positive reviews from critics and viewers, and two months after the premiere, a second season was ordered.

What Are The Upcoming Plans For The Show’s Actors?

The cast members will be working on other projects now that the program has been canceled. The next significant small-screen project for Hodge, who plays DA Ward, has already been secured. He will play the investigator, and forensic psychologist Alex Cross in the upcoming criminal thriller Cross on Prime Video, based on the best-selling James Patterson novel series. This will be the first time the book has been adapted into a television series. Contrarily, Bacon will keep himself occupied with upcoming projects, such as The Toxic Avenger, The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, and Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley.

What Transpired In City On a Hill’s Season Premiere?

The trial of the Ryan brothers took up a significant portion of City on Hill’s first season finale, “Mayor Curley and the Last Hurrah.” Jimmy asked that Ward provide him complete amnesty for testifying against his brother. Still, that plan went wrong when Jimmy admitted to killing a missing partner while testifying, making Ward look foolish and endangering his chances of becoming a politician.

In the end, Jimmy was acquitted of all accusations, while his brother Frankie was found guilty of murder, grand theft, and a few more offenses that would likely land him in jail for some time. Jackie appeared virtually impervious to harm despite his many transgressions in other scenes in City On A Hill’s season 1 finale.

The cunning FBI agent not only survived an unsuccessful car bomb attempt that was made against him, but it also appeared that his patient wife Jenny would consider reconciling with him after pushing him out earlier in the season for having an affair. But in the final few minutes of the episode, it appeared as though Jackie would soon get his just desserts when Hank’s investigator Rachel (Sarah Shahi, Person of Interest) sent DeCourcy a file holding proof of Jackie’s corruption.

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