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Cobra Kai Daniel LaRusso Wants A Miyagi Prequel


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Ralph Macchio, who played Mr. Miyagi in the Karate Kid movies, would want to see a Mr. Miyagi-focused prequel. Macchio portrays Daniel LaRusso in the popular franchise, a bullied teen who learns self-defense from a mystery tutor named Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita). Daniel and Mr. Miyagi get to know one another more during the movie and develop a touching friendship while engaging in a lot of karate training.

Two follow-ups to The Karate Kid were made, and a fourth movie, starring Mr. Miyagi but without Macchio, was later produced. Macchio has continued to play the same character on the popular Netflix series Cobra Kai, which just finished its fifth season.

Cobra Kai’s Daniel LaRusso Wants A Miyagi Prequel

According to Macchio, Mr. Miyagi’s background, which included a tragic past involving his participation in World War II and the Japanese incarceration camps in the U.S., elevated the series. In addition, Morita has been credited with having a lasting influence on the popular ’80s franchise.

Cobra Kai's Daniel LaRusso Wants A Miyagi Prequel

Despite Morita’s untimely death in 2005, his power has persisted throughout Cobra Kai, with Daniel’s character frequently turning to the values of his late instructor and even founding a dojo in his honor. Similarly, Macchio praises Morita’s impact on himself and the bigger series and has stated that he wants to see the character’s backstory developed.

One more Karate Kid offshoot that actor Ralph Macchio wishes to see in the future is a prequel focusing on Mr. Miyagi, he says in an exclusive chat with Screen Rant about his new biography, Waxing On The Karate Kid And Me. Although The Karate Kid gave viewers a general overview of the character’s past, most details about Mr. Miyagi’s biography remain unknown.

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What Is The Background of Mr. Miyagi?

Before his family moved to California, where he met his wife, Mr. Miyagi spent his early years in Okinawa, where he learned karate from his father. This information was made public by the Karate Kid trilogy. Following his enlistment, Mr. Miyagi served in WWII. He even received the Medal of Honor before discovering that his wife and pregnant child had died at the Japanese-American internment camp where they were held.

However, there is a gap in Mr. Miyagi’s narrative between his service in the military and the time Daniel ultimately encountered him while working as a handyman. This would be more interesting material to explore for a prospective Karate Kid prequel. Mr. Miyagi is said to have amassed some vintage automobiles during that time. He also stopped practicing karate for a considerable time before being motivated to resume it by Daniel.

Cobra Kai Daniel LaRusso Wants A Miyagi Prequel

Before Daniel helped him reestablish connections with people, Mr. Miyagi appeared to have a solitary and quiet existence. However, there was a cause for his withdrawal, which a prospective prequel may examine. It’s certainly an engaging story, whether set in the middle of the conflict as a WWII drama, before it in Okinawa or long afterward, during his time before working as a handyman in Reseda.

The Winchesters and Better Call Saul are two examples of prequel shows on the rise, so it seems more plausible that a series would be produced even if Macchio doesn’t specify whether he envisions the prequel offshoot as a movie or a TV show. Macchio would be excited to work on the project if a Mr. Miyagi Karate Kid spinoff receives the go-ahead.

Daniel Had Always Insisted That Miyagi-do Was The Only Approach

Daniel remained dedicated to Mr. Miyagi’s instructions throughout four seasons. He views karate as a defensive art, which is why Miyagi-movements do’s are primarily reactionary. In each of the three Karate Kid movies, Mr. Miyagi imparted this knowledge to him.

Daniel taught his trainees Mr. Miyagi’s technique and publicly disagreed with Johnny over his strategy throughout Cobra Kai, demonstrating his dedication to these beliefs. Because of its past and three tenets, “Strike Hard,” “Strike First,” and “No Mercy,” he believed that Cobra Kai was intrinsically wicked. Daniel has passionately opposed Cobra Kai’s emphasis on offense because he is a strong proponent of karate being used primarily for self-defense.

Daniel never even gave the new Cobra Kai a chance, which is important to note. He actively obstructed Johnny’s attempts to launch Cobra Kai when Johnny reopened the dojo in season 1. He instantly challenged Johnny. Daniel was sure from an away that Johnny’s brand of karate couldn’t have a beneficial effect on kids. Daniel made it abundantly plain in season 4 that he was still of the idea that Mr. Miyagi’s manner was the only effective approach, even though his alliance with Johnny suggested otherwise.

To train them completely in Miyagi-do karate, which he claimed was the “true method,” Daniel resolved to take full control of their united dojos after realizing that their alliance wasn’t going to endure.

The Most Significant Figure In The Karate Kid saga is Mr. Miyagi.

Due to Mr. Miyagi’s influence over Daniel LaRusso and the events leading up to and including Cobra Kai season 4, he is the most crucial figure in the Karate Kid series. When Daniel first encountered Mr. Miyagi in The Karate Kid, it set off a series of events that eventually led to all that is currently happening in Cobra Kai.

Daniel had met Mr. Miyagi at a crucial moment when he needed to learn karate and self-defense. So said, the Karate Kid or Cobra Kai would not have existed if Daniel had never met Mr. Miyagi. Yet, strangely enough, Mr. Miyagi has the least amount of background information of all the major characters so far.

The Best Window Into Miyagi’s Teachings Would Be Through Understanding His Beginnings

Knowing more about Mr. Miyagi’s past and who he was before beginning to coach Daniel will give his lessons a whole new layer of depth by defining how he came to be there and what he learned along the way. Mr. Miyagi reveals a comprehensive method of studying karate throughout The Karate Kid series and several unique moves for Daniel to employ when the occasion calls for it.

Daniel continues to apply these skills in Cobra Kai. It would be an incredible insight into how Mr. Miyagi learned to teach karate and how he used it in his own life to see where these lessons came from and how he used them as a youngster from his father.

It would be possible to comprehend Mr. Miyagi’s roots on a completely new level thanks to the teachings he received from his father as well as those he faced throughout his life, whether they were during battle, in a Japanese internment camp, or during his mysteriously vanished years following World War II.

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