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Brett Goldstein Took His Parents To ‘Thor: Love And Thunder’ Without Telling About His Cameo


Ther British actor, comedian, and writer Brett Goldstein finally opened his mouth about revealing his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut Ted Lasso FYC event in Los Angeles. 

The actor who played double roles for Ted Lasso, Apple Tv + sports comedy series, as an actor and a writer, revealed about his journey to the Marce]vel universe on the event that happened on 18 July, Monday.

Brett Goldstein Surprise His Parents With A Cameo In ‘Thor: Love And Thunder’

The God Hercules of Thor: Love and Thunder, took his parents to the theatre to watch the movie without informing them about the role he played in the post-credits. Though the budding actor was afraid of whether his mother would miss the cameo appearance of their son, fortunately, they did not. The parents were proud of their son for hopping to the blockbuster movie sequel.

Goldstein told the host that he kept the whole role in the big Marvel movie a secret and joked about the secrecy saying that he would have been dead if he had uttered a word about it to the world.

Brett Goldstein Took His Parents To ‘Thor Love And Thunder’ Without Telling About His Cameo

He then added that he had to text his parents despite knowing that Thor-like movies are not actually a movie of their genre or interest, however, the rising star told them that the new sequel of Thor was funnier unlike the previous ones, and recommended his parents to go watch it. He said that he had to assure the parents that they would definitely like the movie if they watched it. 

He elucidated the day when his parents went to the theatres saying that his mom was literally doing an online commentary by texting him mentioning everything happening in the movie to her son, Brett Goldstein. However, on the other side of the phone, Goldstein was frustrated thinking that she would miss his entrance to the big screen when his mother even made a comment on the return of Russel Crowe, Zeus, in the sequel. 

The debut of the 42-year-old actor to Marvel was witnessed with a captivating role in Taika Waititi’s Thor: Love and Thunder which premiered on 7 July 2022 on Netflix. 

Brett Goldstein About Hercules Role In Thor

The character Hercules of Goldstein was introduced to the movie as Zeus’ son, who lands before his father who gets defeated by the gigantic Thor. Hercules then was asked to take the necessary revenge against Thor for overpowering Zeus. 

Along with the other new faces that include, Charlize Theron’s Clea in Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness and the surprise of the former One Direction singer, Harry Styles’ attire as the cosmic fighter Starfox in Eternals has managed to hop to the A-listers. 

Although his presence in the movie lasted for seconds only, viewers are longing to know the future of the role of Hercules in the coming Marvels, however, Goldstein had nothing to say about his future stand in the massive movie.

Hanna Waddingham, Goldstein’s co-star in Ted Lasso, reacted to the huge moment of appraisal of her friend by saying that he had previously approached her to ask whether he should take the role or not to which she was astonished thinking who would think twice to agree for such a big proposal. However, Waddingham said that though she was asked before, she had no idea that Goldstein had actually agreed to the offer for she only realized it when the movie was released.  


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