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Ben Affleck Records A Video Of The Graffitied Restroom He Changed In Before His Wedding With Jennifer Lopez


American actor Ben Affleck tied a knot with American singer Jennifer Lopez on 17th July. The pair already completed their engagement ceremony 3 months ago.

On Sunday Hustlers star shared a humorous video of Argo star Jennifer Lopez. As he filmed himself getting dressed for their marriage ceremony in Los Vegas, Nevada.

Ben Affleck Records A Video Of The Graffitied Restroom He Changed In Before His Wedding With Jennifer Lopez

The actor highlighted the decidedly casual setting which appeared to be a restroom at the little white wedding chapel.

Ben Affleck Records A Video Of The Graffitied Restroom He Changed In Before His Wedding With Jennifer Lopez

The short clip which Ben shared shows a view of the modest restroom. The restroom was decorated with pink and white tiles and tan striped wallpaper. Ben panned his camera over to the sink. The sink had a black backpack and garment and toiletry bags draped across it.

What Did The Groom Look Like?

The actor happily said that ‘and this…was my wedding… changing… area’ as he moved his camera toward the mirror and zoomed in on himself. The groom highlighted that he wore a white tuxedo jacket with black pants and a slim bow tie.

The place where the groom stayed was far from the pristine environment one might expect for the wedding of a Hollywood superstar, and the mirror was covered with messages that had been removed from it by former guests.

What Did The Bride Look Like?

The video that Ben Affleck recorded, made for a hilarious juxtaposition when the video compared to another clip that the bride posted of herself in a much longer and more elaborate room.

She said that was the break room. Jennifer highlighted her gorgeous sleeveless white gown. Her gown was decorated with thick, wavy strands of her caramel-colored hair. She said that she felt amazing, and excited before doing several twirls in her dress.

What Did The Bride Say About Her Wedding?

The bride began to do it. Love is beautiful and kind. She further said that they did exactly what they wanted. According to Jennifer, they flew to Vegas and stood in line for a license with four other couples, all couples making the same journey to the wedding capital of the world.

Jennifer said that they “barely made it” before midnight.

‘On the 6’ singer noted that they must take some pictures in a pink Cadillac convertible that Elvis Presley allegedly sat in. Although Jennifer joked that it cost extra to get an Elvis impersonator.

The ‘Como Ama Una Mujer’ singer noted that she carried a dress from an old movie, at the same time Ben had on a jacket from his “closest.” She said that their wedding was the best possible wedding they could have imagined. 

What Did Jennifer Say About Her New Extended Family?

Jennifer concluded with sweet words about her new extended family that their family members were right when they said, “all you need is love”.

They both are grateful to have that in abundance, a new wonderful family of 5 amazing kids and a life that they have never had more reason to look forward to.

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