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Boris Johnson Resigns As UK Prime Minister After Cabinet Revolt!!


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Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, Britain’s scandal-hit Prime Minister has finally agreed to resign from his position after a day of defection crippled the controversial leader and made him unable to rule. Johnson finally agreed to resign after one of his closest supporters, Treasury Chief Nadhim Zahawi reported to the Prime Minister that he would resign in the interest of the country.

Presently, it was not sure whether Johnson would stay in power while the Conservatives automatically choose a new leader who would become Prime Minister too. After all this chaos, an official declaration is expected from his side right after Thursday. 

Boris Johnson Resigned After His Battle To Stay As PM Amid Revolt

Zahawi wrote a letter addressing the Prime Minister in which he clearly said that the situation will only get worse if it goes like this and it is also not tolerable for himself, the Conservative party, and mostly for all of the country. Thus Zahawi requests him to do the right thing and step out. 

Earlier this Wednesday, he endeavored a disrespectful reversal against his cabinet and Conservative party uprising by terminating top join forces and swore to keep fighting even after the resigning of dozens of government members. Also, Johnson rejected his calls to resign claiming that he had a proclamation from his voters to continue in the office.

Boris Johnson Resigns As UK Prime Minister After  Cabinet Revolt!!

But later the next day, the man who had made a name for himself by crawling out of Political controversies was propelled to accept the truth of his current situation. Bernard Jenkin, a senior Conservative Party Lawmaker, proclaimed that he had met the Prime Minister in person and has advised him to step down as the situation is currently against him. In a news report that came before Boris Johnson agreed to resign, Jerkin explained that he has made it clear to him about the present situation.

He said “I just said to him, ‘Look, it’s just when you go now, and it’s how you go. You can go with some dignity or you can be forced out like Donald Trump, clinging to power and pretending he’s won the election when he’s lost.’’     

For almost three years, Johnson managed to continue in power, in spite of all the proclamations, is said to be very close to party donors, and protected supporters from allegations of bullying and corruption. He was also accused of misleading Parliament and being disrespectful to the public about government officials that broke the epidemic lockdown rules.  

Other Boris Johnson’s Ministers Resigned Because Of scandal

Whereas, recent reports have surfaced that Johnson was aware of the sexual misdeed allegations against Christ Pincher, a Conservative lawmaker before Johnson upgraded him to a seniormost position. The incident turned out to be the final stroke. But last week Pincher resigned from his position as deputy chief whip after being accused of probing two men in a private club.

This incident has sparked a series of reports of the earlier allegations against Pincher and it later enquired explanation from the government about the details they knew about him while promoting him for a senior job implementing party discipline. 

Other than Pincher, health Secretary Sajid Javed and Treasury chief Rishi Sunak even resigned within minutes on Wednesday because of the scandal. These two Cabinet heads were responsible for resolving two major issues faced by Britain which is the crisis due to cost of living and COVID-19.

Boris Johnson Resigned After His Battle To Stay As PM Amid Revolt

After resigning, Javed believed that Johnson’s moves could undermine the credibility of the Conservative Party and the British government. This has caught the temper of many lawmakers. He even proclaimed to his fellow lawmakers on Wednesday that at any point they have to figure out what is enough is enough, and to him, the point is now the current situation.  

Johnson tried to challenge the government’s accounting system and British political traditions. It is infrequent for a Prime Minister to stick on to power in a situation where he gets much pressure from his cabinet. He may try to continue in office until the Conservative party elects a new leader, which could be a process that is expected to be held this summer. Though some conservatives suggested that Johnson must leave 10 Downing St. right away to put an end to the chaos eradicating the government.    

A tweet by George Freeman, who resigned as a science minister on Thursday said that Boris Johnson must hand over the seals of the office and apologize to Her Majesty (Queen Elizabeth II) and ask her to call for a successor to the Prime Minister to take over the office today. He added that by doing so, the ministers can get back to their business and choose a new Conservative leader who could reschedule the whole damaged system and rebuild trust. 



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