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Bobby Flay Opens Up About Girlfriend Christina Perez!


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Bobby Flay loves his girlfriend a lot. ET’s Rachel Smith talked to Bobby Flay and his daughter, Sophie Flay, at Barbuto in New York City earlier this month.

The 57-year-old chef had nothing but nice things to say about his girlfriend, Christina Perez.

Bobby Flay Talks About Christina Perez If He’d Ever Get Married Again!

“Things are going well. I’m really, really lucky, “Bobby said. “Christina, she just makes my life brighter. She is so nice. She knows so much. She just makes everything better that I can do with her. I mean, she’s really great.”

Bobby Flay Opens Up About Girlfriend Christina Perez!

Even though things are going well for the couple, Bobby is not planning to ask his girlfriend of more than a year to marry him right now.

“I’ve done it a lot. I’ve done that a lot of times, “The three-times-married chef made a joke about marriage. “I like it just the way it is right now. I think so, and so does Christina.”

Even though they aren’t getting married right away, Bobby is happy to have Christina in his life, and Sophie likes the writer too.

Bobby Flay Talks About Christina Perez

Bobby told ET, “Sophie and Christina have a great relationship, which is a great thing in and of itself.” “It’s very important that Sophie likes my girlfriend.”

Bobby’s romantic life isn’t the only thing that Bobby’s dad and daughter agree on. The Flays also love food, and their new Food Network show, Bobby and Sophie on the Coast, gives fans a look at how they cook.

“I grew up in New York. Sophie chose to go to college in Los Angeles and then chose to stay there. I only have one kid, and I have to be out there to see her “Bobby told about his trips to the West Coast. “Most of my time is spent in New York, but I also spend a lot of time in Los Angeles. It’s a beautiful place with great food, so that’s what the show is mostly about.”

Sophie says that working with her dad is “just so easy and fun” because they always “have a great time together.”

The 26-year-old community journalist told ET that working with him is great because it doesn’t feel like work. “The show is really just a look at what we do when we have free time. We get together when we don’t have anything to do. We go to new restaurants and eat a lot. The food scene in Los Angeles is so rich and varied.”

Bobby loves working with Sophie, who lives with him and his second wife, Kate Connelly.

“She was always a good kid. She has always been full of energy and eager to learn, “he said. “Sophie has been going to restaurants since she was a baby, so it’s clear that she’s always liked them. She saw a lot of fun things. She saw a lot of people work very hard and love what they do. I think that made her want to work hard at what she does and gave her the will to do so.”

Bobby hinted that in their new show, “the roles have kind of switched a little bit.”

“Especially when it comes to L.A.,” the proud dad said, “that’s Sophie’s beat.” “I know who to call when I need help figuring out where to go in Los Angeles. She is aware.”

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