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Blac Chyna Is Ready To Face Rob Kardashian In A ‘Nightmare’ Trial!!


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Blac Chyna believes that she is now prepared to take on her ex-fiancé Rob Kardashian in court due to the charity boxing match she participated in this past weekend. “However, at the moment, she is concentrating on bringing in donations for the animals and taking care of her children.” Damon Feldman’s Celebrity Boxing event will feature a fight between the mother of two and Instagram beauty Alysia Magen, both 34 years of age, in Pembroke Pines, Florida. Alysia Magen has a large following on Instagram.

In A ‘Nightmare’ Court Case, Blac Chyna Is ‘Ready To Face’ Rob Kardashian!!

Flavor Flav, a rapper, will act as the ring announcer, while Rashad Evans, a former UFC champion, will officiate the fight. As a result of Chyna’s participation in the event, the Pasadena Humane Society will receive some of the proceeds. The likelihood is that this is not her only point of contention in the next week. In a second trial planned to begin on June 13, Chyna will now face 35-year-old Rob.  star and cancel the second season of “Rob & Chyna” have been disregarded.

Blac Chyna Is Ready To Face Rob Kardashian In A 'Nightmare' Trial

After Chyna and Rob Kardashian broke up in 2017, Chyna alleges that Rob released “revenge porn” of her online. According to a source who spoke to the New York Post, “Despite everything that he has done to her, the compensation that he is paying her for everything she has been through is laughable.”

Chyna’s attorney, Lynne Ciani, has stated that “under California law, settlement negotiations are kept confidential.” According to the State of California law, Rob Kardashian is not allowed to disclose information regarding an alleged settlement. 

Blac Chyna gave an interview to Page Six in which she discussed how she has managed to keep a positive attitude despite the ongoing drama with Rob. I enjoyed my training so much that I have vowed not to give up after this war,” says Lashed Cosmetics’ CEO. To achieve my goals, “I’m going to keep going.” King, who is nine years old, and Dream, who is five years old, both have fathers who are Tyga and Rob.

She says, “My children have already completed some training, and I’d like us to complete it together as a family.” “Every child in the house has their mini punching bag and pair of gloves. It’s lovely and cuddly!


Chyna has expressed the desire that the successes she has had in her athletic career will act as a model for her children and encourage them to follow their aspirations in life. “I want my kids to witness how strong I am and utilize that to create their strength,” she continues. “It’s important to me.” To add to my excitement for the fight on Saturday, I’m doing it for a cause close to my heart.

Do you think there’s anything more I ought to bring up? Keeping Up with the Kardashians boxing pro-Tamara Frapasella, who famously “beat” Kim Kardashian in Season 4, helped Chyna become in the most excellent shape of her life, according to Chyna. 

Chyna has recently increased the intensity of her training with Justin Fortune, the husband of Frapasella’s sister-in-law. Justin Fortune is a well-known boxing trainer who works with boxing legend Manny Pacquiao at his Fortune Gym in Hollywood, California. During a rehearsal session with Fortune, the “Doom” rapper was photographed by Page Six and made available as an exclusive. 

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