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Anthony Anderson Agrees To Pay Spousal Support For His Estranged Wife


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According to documentation obtained by people, the former cast member of Black-ish, who is now 51 years old, agreed to pay spousal support to his now-ex-wife. After performing an inquiry into each Party’s accounts, the ex-forensic couple’s accountant will compute the sum and provide it to them.

Anthony Anderson Consents To Pay Alimony To His Estranged Wife!

As part of their agreement, the couple decided to sell the property they owned in Encino, California, and divide the money from the sale evenly between themselves. “So that she may arrange another lodging,” the court stated when ordering Anthony to sign a 12-month lease with his wife as a co-signer. This was in conjunction with the order for Anthony to sign the lease. On March 25, the ex-wife of the former Law & Order star submitted a divorce petition, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for the divorce.

Anthony Anderson Agrees To Pay Spousal Support For His Estranged Wife

Anthony allegedly responded to the March request, in which he stated that the pair had split on February 25. A divorce petition was submitted by the actor’s wife in 2015, citing an inability to resolve their differences as the reason for the couple’s decision to end their marriage. Additionally, she requested spousal support at that time.

In 2017, She Filed A Motion For The Divorce Proceeding

They celebrated their tenth wedding Anniversary in September 1999, also the month in which they said their vows. The couple’s children are Kyra, who is 26 years old, and Nathan, who is 22 years old. It was my wife who was standing there when he opened the door. 

He told Stacey that he was there to ask her and her friends about our Party. He made this statement in December: She married my wife that night, and they’ve been together ever since, even though Stacey wasn’t there to witness their union. Anthony remarked that they tied the knot on their 10th wedding Anniversary. 

According to the old proverb, “The link between opposites is known as symbiosis. It seems as though they were able to part ways on friendly terms, which is an unusual occurrence in Hollywood these days.

Anthony Anderson has stipulated that he will pay his ex-wife, who has initiated the divorce process, spousal support retroactively. According to court documents obtained by PEOPLE, Alvina Stewart filed for a divorce between 1999 and March of this year. Robert Stewart was ordered to give her retroactive spousal support beginning on the date they separated.

It has been reported that the legal team is defending the actress from the show “Black-ish” and is arguing that the payments should begin in June rather than March. It is asserted that to finalize their divorce, the couple, who share custody of their two children, agreed that they would sell the property in Encino and divide the proceeds equally.

Anthony’s ex-wife filed for divorce for the second time on March 25, citing irreconcilable differences once again as the cause for the breakup. Anthony responded to the petition in the same month, even though he had initially rejected the petition two years earlier. Anthony and Alvina began dating in the late 1980s when they were both still enrolled in college. Anthony related the story of how he unexpectedly found himself in her dorm room chatting with her while he was supposed to see someone else.

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