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Ben Affleck’s Height, Net Worth, Kids, Wife, And More!


The Batman vs Superman fame, Ben Affleck is 6 feet and 3-inch tall. The Pearl Harbor star once said that he was 6 feet 3 and on another occasion, the iconic actor recalled it and said that he was at the moment, 6 foot 3 ½

The Changing Lanes star noted that people used to criticize saying that Ben Affleck’s height was too much and that he cannot be chosen as a lead. 

Ben Affleck’s Net Worth, Height

The Voyage of the Mimi star in 2008 spoke about his sudden height increase as he was only 5 feet 4 inches during his teens and grew about a foot impulsively.  Ben Affleck described that for him he was only a little boy and even after the height increase, he was awkward.

Da Vinci recently opened up about how he likes Ben for his height and disclosed that they both started bonding based on their heights. Da Vinci was 6 feet 3 and Ben 6 feet 4. He said that both could easily relate to each other since the two of them have been rejected in movies, considering their remarkable heights. They got turned down for being extra tall and Da Vinci described his pal, Ben, as a big guy during that exclusive interview. 

Ben Affleck’s Age

Benjamin Geza Affleck Boldt, aka Ben Affleck, was born on August 15, 1972, to Christopher  Anne Boldt and Timothy Byers Affleck in Berkeley, California, United States.  Though he was born in California, the successful actor was raised in Massachusetts, where his parents parted ways. 

Mrs. Byers Affleck was a school teacher and Mr.Byers Affleck served as many including, a janitor, a bookie, a carpenter, and an electrician. Ben Affleck has cited on a number of occasions his father’s addiction to alcohol. 

The successful actor then moved to Los Angeles from Cambridge to pursue an acting career and ended up becoming one of the most thriving actors and influential personalities in Hollywood. 

Ben Affleck Relationships

Creating an overnight jerk, Ben Affleck was rumored to famous singer Jennifer Lopez in 2002. With a blink of an eye, the couple got engaged and with another blink, they got parted as well. The couple was together for only two years.

Though Ben Afflick’s famous name was romantically linked to a number of superstars, the actor finally bowed his head before Jennifer Garner in 2005. Though they tied the knot with vows, the duo got divorced after a decade. Violet Affleck, Samuel Garner Affleck, and Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck are the three children the ex-pair had together. 

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