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Balenciaga Made An $1,800 Lay’s Potato Chip Bag


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Balenciaga’s new clutches are modeled after Lay’s, are said to cost $1,800 and come in four “flavors.” Now that’s a very chic takeaway.

Balenciaga, Kim Kardashian’s favorite fashion house, is back with another fun bag.

This time, creative director Demna collaborated with PepsiCo to design a line of handbags that look like bags of Lay’s potato chips.

Balenciaga showed off the yummy bags on a muddy runway during Paris Fashion Week this month, but most people didn’t notice because the models were holding the crumpled clutches to their sides.

Hypebeast reports that Lay’s $4 chip bag has been transformed into a leather zippered clutch that comes in “four flavors”: Original, Salt & Vinegar, Lime, and Flamin’ Hot. The clutch also features the Balenciaga logo. The retail price is said to be $1,800 each.

The Spanish fashion house is known for its fancy accessories. Most recently, it sold the “world’s most expensive trash bag” for $1,790. Kim Kardashian is a big fan of this viral style.

But fashion fans had mixed feelings about the Frito-Lay deal.

Someone commented on Diet Prada’s Instagram post, saying, “They’re screwing with us.” Another said, “Balenciaga is just a social experiment on consumerism,” and a third said, “It’s literally half hot air, just like Lay’s bags.”

Lay’s even posted the Balenciaga runway looks on its Instagram account on Oct. 3. Fans of the snack were upset that the Flamin’ Hot variety sold out in many places and that the designer bag didn’t include chips.


At the fancy Balenciaga show, Kanye West walked the runway as a model for the first time. At the beginning of the show he wore tactical gear and a mouth guard.

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It seems that some people want to buy something like that. A rumor from an unknown source says that the bag will cost $1,800 when it launches with Balenciaga’s 2023 summer collection.

Many news outlets have pointed out that this is about 450 times as much as a regular bag of chips, but I hope you don’t have to choose between a real bag of chips and this clutch.

Demna, the creative director of Balenciaga, is known for his penchant for turning everyday items into clothing that costs four figures. He’s the one who designed the cursed Croc stilettos, and he recently put a $1,850 price tag on a pair of sneakers that looked like they were falling apart. Look good, baby!

The bag made its debut, as it should, in a giant mud pit. Balenciaga recently held a fashion show where models walked through mud to showcase the brand’s 2023 summer collection.

This seems more like a tribute to whoever does the cleaning for the brand than a cool idea for a fashion show, but sure. This bag was part of the presentation. It was made by Balenciaga and potato chip manufacturer Lay’s.

The clutches that came out of this famous meeting of the minds looked like bags of Lay’s “Balenciaga flavored” chips. Honestly, they don’t look much like the real thing. There is a metal zipper, which is easy to see, and they are made of leather, so they do not crackle so loud and satisfying.

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