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In ‘Aquaman 2,’ Jason Momoa And Director James Wan Fought To Keep Amber Heard!!


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In ‘Aquaman 2,’ Jason Momoa and director James Wan fought to keep Amber Heard. Jason Momoa fought for Amber Heard to be in the “Aquaman” sequel, according to evidence from an industry expert.Industry insider Kathryn Arnold testified on Monday in the Depp v. Heard defamation trial that Heard was not allowed to continue in the sequel because the film’s director, Jason Momoa, and director James Wan were “adamant that she was part of this film.”

After Fighting To Stay On The Screen, Heard Confessed In Court Earlier This Month

Arnold also claimed that Depp’s lawyer Adam Waldman ruined his Hollywood career by calling her abuse charges a “hoax,” estimating that Heard lost between $45 and $50 million during negotiations as a result of the “hoax” comment.

'Aquaman 2,

After fighting to stay on the screen, Heard confessed in court earlier this month that she was handed a dramatically reduced role in the sequel to “Aquaman.” Depp is now suing Heard for harming his career and reputation by implying in an opinion article that she was a victim of domestic violence. The complaint wants $50 million in defamation damages.

On December 9th, 2021, Jason Momoa wrapped production on Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. According to James Wan’s statement, production on the sequel ended in January.

Despite the fact that the film’s lead actor had done his scenes before Christmas, James Wan and the rest of the team might have finished the sequel before January’s deadline.

Approximately 2,300 visual effects photographs have already been included in Aquaman (2018). The number of VFX sequences in the sequel is unknown, but it’s likely to exceed that, given Wan’s claim that he’s working with “groundbreaking technology.” The sequel, on the other hand, will go through a lengthy post-production period comparable to the time between the end of filming and the theatrical release of the first Aquaman picture.

Despite the delay, the fact that he was “blown off” by the sequel’s early testing is a promising sign, which might raise anticipation for the film as its release date approaches in the coming months.

Patrick Wilson, who will reprise his role as Orm in the film, believes the Lost Kingdom is “bigger, more spacious, and better” than its predecessor, which coincides with the director’s recent statement.

Wan revealed that he worked on the director’s cut for no more than 15 hours per day at home. When the veteran filmmaker announced the postponement, he expressed gratitude for the extra time and claimed that he had been working with “groundbreaking technology:”

According to the report, Steven Weintraub of Collider “figured that the delay in the release date” was due to the VFX. Wan was forthright in admitting that he and his team would not be able to complete the film’s post-production in time for its initial 2022 release date, noting that they had only begun shooting in January.

Furthermore, the deadline narrative verifies that the COVID-19 infection is still the primary cause of the previously mentioned delays.

Despite the fact that the epidemic has subsided in the face of worldwide surges, the sequence of delays is a warning that COVID-19 is still present, and everyone should be aware of the risk of making similar mistakes in the near future.


The release date for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has been pushed back to March 17th, 2023. According to a second source, the DCEU film delays are due to an overflow at a number of post-production effects labs, which has worsened since the epidemic ended. Based on the facts, The Flash alone has almost 2,500 VFX scenes.


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