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Tina Turner Was In Love With A Much Younger Gentleman And Kept It A Secret From Her Ex-Husband!!


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Turner got another chance at love after a failed marriage and stowing away from her ex, and this time, despite the age gap, she didn’t relinquish her main real affection When Tina Turner married another amazing entertainer, Ike Turner, in the 1950s, she became a force to be reckoned with.

The Young Ladies Frequented A Bar Where They Were Treated To Thrilling Performances

The two formed the “Ike and Tina Turner Revue,” which toured internationally. Tina first met Ike while living in St. Louis with her sister, Alline.

Tina Turner

The young ladies frequented a bar where they were treated to thrilling performances by “Ike Turner and the King of Rhythm.” Ike, who had noticed the charming youngster when she wowed him with her vocals while performing a BB King tune, introduced her to the band at one concert. They were virtually indistinguishable after that. Despite Tina’s dissatisfaction with her sweetheart, the duo began dating.


She admitted that they expected their relationship to work in exchange for her to become a celebrity, something she had always desired but never had the opportunity to pursue until Ike came her way.

The couple married soon after their meeting, and their admirers regarded them as a force to be reckoned with. These two had over two decades of hits, but Tina had the most terrible show away from the spotlight; she claimed he was viciously hurtful.

Tina agreed on the basis that Ike was concerned she would abandon him. Infidelity with several females was close by the constant battery.
Regardless, the straw that broke the camel’s back and killed the camel’s spirit came in 1976, when Ike beat his better half in front of a Dallas concert. Tina got away with almost minimal money and a gas station charge card.

The “Glad Mary” actress spent months stowing away from her ex and exploring her life on her own. It was preferable to her previous form, despite the fact that it was not as natural to form. To begin with, she worked nonstop from that point forward, singing in Vegas, sophisticated country clubs, and McDonald’s deals shows.

By 1984, she was ready to take command of the stage, and she did so with a bang. As an independent artist, Tina performed her presentation collection, “Confidential Dancer.” Fortunately, it performed admirably on the outlines for the entire 29-week period.

It was only natural that the media slandered the previous “Ike and Tina Turner Revue” star. His name was more associated with being a ferocious spouse than with being a wild business icon.


Unfortunately, he died at the age of 76, and Tina’s love life was also restored after she discovered distinctiveness after an extended separation, with her as much man as she cherished him. Erwin Bach, a former German music leader, was introduced to the “Pleased Mary” star. Bach had arrived at the Dusseldorf Airport to pick her up in time for her visit.


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