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Apple Releases Full Trailer For ‘Luck’ The First Animated Feature Film By Apple Got Ready In Partnership With Skydance


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Luck – an Apple original animated film is getting ready to hit on August 5, 2022, on Apple TV Plus. The film was made in partnership with Skydance.

Apple recently released the full trailer of the animated feature film ‘Luck’ which is the very first movie to be released with an exclusive deal with Skydance Animation.

The First Animated Feature Film By Apple Got Ready In Partnership With Skydance

The Luck film features the character ‘Sam Greenfield’, the unluckiest little girl in the whole world. Everything Sam does ends up in her bad luck. Though she was used to it, one day everything went upside down.

Apple Releases Full Trailer For ‘Luck’ The First Animated Feature Film By Apple Got Ready In Partnership With Skydance

Her fortune changes right after she finds a lucky penny. It’s something that turned Sam’s life around. 

After owning the lucky penny, good luck came by her side, and thereafter, she faced and experienced all new things she had never been into before.

But, later she accidentally flushed her lucky penny in the toilet and got really disappointed. Then she met a cat and was sharing her bad time with it, and realized the cat could talk like humans.

By following the talking cat, she thereby finds the Land of Luck and got entered an all-new world, and her good luck was born.

The secret factory in the Land of Luck is the center that manages both the lucky and unlucky moments that happen to everyone in the world. Sam meets up with amazing creatures including the talking cat, dragon, and much more. 

The secret team in the land of luck operates on managing the good luck and back luck of people.

Everything in the land of luck was on track until Sam, the human unexpectedly entered there and disturbed the smooth running and equilibrium of the fortune.

Once everyone in the world started hitting with bad luck, Sam noticed this and later started fixing everyone’s bad luck. 

From the teaser, it’s well clear that the film is really entertaining and undoubtedly works great for all age groups. The premise may look somewhat similar to Monsters Inc, and the concept shows vague similarity to the Monsters Inc Scare Factory.

This is not a factor to surprise as Apple features Luck film in partnership with Skydance Animation which was led by John Lasseter, who worked for a long on the likes of Cars and Toy Story.

In late 2018, John Lasseter was fired from Pixar as he was under allegations of making misconduct with the woman, his co-worker at the workplace. 

Now, after the Luck trailer was released, it showcases John to be the leading creative visionary of Skydance Animation.

Last year, Apple made a tie-up with Skydance Animation which is worth hundreds, and millions of exclusive deals. 

Luck is now ready for the first real test for evaluating the quality of the animation created by Skydance Animation.

Surely, Luck will exclusively stream on Apple TV Plus from August 5 onwards!

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