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Who Is Angela Victoria Johnson? Her Relationship With Kyle Chrisley


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Angela Victoria Johnson is one of the most popular names that has made so many headlines in the recent past. He has recently become the mother of Kylie Christley’s daughter, Chloe. She particularly belongs from South Carolina.

Angela Victoria Johnson Relationship With Kyle Chrisley

She plays an important role in the entertainment industry and in her family.

Angela Victoria Johnson

She is one of the most important people who have always managed relationships properly and her career. 


She is a big-name American parent. He is also known for being the mother of Chloe Christley. He has been the most important media personality ever since the time she brought her daughter Chloe Christley in front of the media.

This news created a sensation because the daughter was born out of a mysterious relationship with Kylie Christley.

It was discovered that Kyle had fathered a secretive woman in 2012, and this woman was none other than Angela Victoria Johnson. 


Ever since she introduced her daughter in front of the media, she has been able to get a huge amount of publicity.

But since then, the father has been denying the relationship with the daughter, and things have been turning bad for the mother to tolerate.

They both have been trying to avoid this issue to the greatest possible extent in front of the media, but one or the other controversy always comes up. 

Issue Of Wonders 

The media has been wondering how they both have maintained a secretive relationship for so long. It has been very tough for Angela to survive in all these years because the child’s father was not ready to pick any responsibility.

He was only busy in his career and even married another woman with whom he had four children. He did not even care about Angela and her daughter once. 

Unfolding Of Truth 

In the recent interview, after getting famous, Angela was able to bring forward all the important facts about the relationship that she had been enjoying with Kylie.

It is important to mention that she stated the fact again and again that she had been a victim of sexual harassment and actual maltreatment at the hands of the famous actor.

His entire family disrespected her and her daughter and denied her the legitimacy she always expected. 

Real issue 

She even stated that she had conceived an offspring out of the relationship, and There Was Nobody to take care of her.

She was all alone and was managing her entire journey of pregnancy, and even after her delivery, There Was Nobody to take care of her and her daughter.


She has always been a headstrong woman, but this time, when her daughter continuously asks for her father, she has got nothing to say. However, Kylie has denied all of these allegations. 


It is depressing to witness this reality because this will affect a lot of people over some time. This will ultimately affect the Goodwill of both the people in the industry, and hence the media will be making more controversies out of this.

A mutual settlement concerning the upcoming upbringing of the daughter is expected out of the father as well. 


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