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Amber Heard’s Lawyer Wants The Defamation Verdict Overturned


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Amber Heard is reportedly filing a lawsuit against banishing the ruling of the case with her ex-husband, Johny Depp. 

The Aquaman actress’s law team has filed a motion request against rethinking the verdict taken by the court considering that both Heard and Depp have defamed each other.

The lawsuit wants the monetary compensation to be erased since Captain Jack Sparrow has equally defamed his ex-wife before the court as well as the whole world. Amber’s attorney has included the $10.35 million in the damages for Depp.

Johnny Depp And Amber Heard Will Be Back In Court For Another Dispute

In conjunction with the compensation, the lawyers are also elucidating the fact that the verdict lacks proper proof and thus requested to investigate the juror, who called out for the final trial of the former couple.

The Fairfax County Circuit Court submitted a full-fledged request document that claims that the juror, who was born in 1970, was reported to be shown as born in 1945, by the court.

Not 1 or 2, the mistake that happened here counts 25 years of difference, which is not neglectable. However, the doubt here raised by the law team of Amber Heard is the presence of that particular juror among the jury who ruled the verdict, was actually summoned by the court or not.

Amber Heard's Lawyer Wants The Defamation Verdict Overturned

The legal team also puts an emphasis on the point stated by the jurors that $10.35 million to the actress would be not compatible, with the final conclusion made by the jury as Amber and Heard have both defamed one another.

The request further added that the Pirates of the Caribbean alum could not convince the court that Heard did not accept she was abused and this clearly states that Johnny Deep failed to meet all the legal requirements and hence the versed must be reversed.

The court rule declared that Depp must receive $10 million as his compensation along with another $350,000 to cover his exemplary damages, whereas only $ 2 million for the damages Heard, but nothing as punitive damages.

It was on June 1 that the unanimous decision of the court to award the couple with respective amounts was declared. However, as Amber Heard’s attornies are claiming for a take-back on the verdict, Ben Chew, Depp’s main lawyer stepped ahead to mark his statement against the tossing of the defamation trial request saying that he is not at all surprised with the prosecutor’s move, as they have only delayed it than anticipated.


On 7 July 2020 the amplified and zealous trial of the ex-couple began, where Johny declined the truth that he was not physically abused by his own wife at the moment. The actor then reveals everything with appropriate audio and several other means, which satisfies the juries in deciding in favor of him. 


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