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Adele Wore A Sparkly Black Dress For Her Second London Show!


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Adele, an English singer-songwriter who has received various awards and nominations, has celebrated a historic night by treating her fans with a barrage of money and memorabilia shot from an air cannon. The fifteen times Grammy winner was on fire on the second night of her show. The program was held at London’s Hyde Park on Saturday, 2nd of July. It was the second public concert of the artist in five years. 

Adele Wore A Sparkly Black Dress For Her Second London Show!

The singer dazed on stage in a sparkling black gown and bedazzled the audience with her harmonious tones and fun giveaway. Adele had an air cannon that shot cash prizes and t-shirts at the audience during the concert as she stood on the stage while performing.  

Adele Wore A Sparkly Black Dress For Her Second London Show!

As it was the first time she is appearing before a crowd in five years, the singer was overwhelmed with emotion. The “Someone Like You” hitmaker exclaimed to the 65,000 audience before her, “My God, I’m back at home.” She even expressed how strange it felt to be in front of a crowd again after years and she even feels nervous before each show. But even with that feeling, she is loving being there and is enjoying each moment. 

The audience that night claimed that it was an unforgettable night and it felt unreal seeing the singer singing in front of a live audience after so long. As mentioned above, the singer has provided several giveaways including money and T-shirts. And one of the receivers of the gift was a young girl who was enjoying the show sitting on her father’s shoulder. The singer pointed at the girl and aimed the air cannon in her direction. As the girl could get hold of the prize, Adele asked the audience to be charitable enough to hand over the gift to the girl. The audience listened to the singer and did as she said. The young girl broke into tears as she couldn’t control her joy. The singer even asked the girl to hold up the t-shirt and cash and even said, ‘go buy something nice for yourself, my love.’ It was just the beginning and she continued to shoot more cannons of cash and t-shirts at the crowd. 

The multi-Grammy winner halted her crowded London gig several times to help the fans in the crowd who needed assistance. She even had some special guests among the crowd. Tom Cruise, who was accompanied by a gorgeous mystery woman attended the gig and seemed to be enjoying his best life, the day before he celebrated his 60th birthday. He was smiling the whole time right after entering the amphitheater. The other guests were Rich Paul, Adele’s boyfriend, and Simon Konecki, her ex-husband who seemed to have a great time hanging out together at the concert. 

Earlier this year, Adele postponed her Las Vega residency which has stressed the singer physically and mentally. The singer was tormented with some kind of vocal issues previously and she kept drinking hot drinks throughout the concert to soothe her throat.  

After the cancellation of the Las Vegas residency in January, the singer revealed that the ‘brutal’ fan backlash has made her feel like a ‘shell of a person.’ Adele, known for her hits like Rolling In The Deep, Easy On Me, etc has put an end to the shows at Caesars Palace just hours before the show was due to begin. The show was planned to be held from January 20 – January 24. As per the reports, the singer was unhappy with the staging. The stage included a mocked-up swimming pool where she was asked to sing songs. The decision of Adele has outraged the fans who have spent thousands to travel long distances to the gigs. 

In her concert held earlier this month, the singer disclosed that the decision to cancel the show was not an easy one for her, but for her, it was the right thing to do. She even stated that she could feel everyone’s disappointment and she was shattered and frightened about letting the fans down as they are her greatest strength. She thought that she could pull them together and make it work, but things never worked as she planned thus she had to stand by her decision. “You can’t buy me; you can’t buy me for nothing. I’m not going to just do a show, because I have to or because people are going to be let down or just because we’re going to lose loads of money. It’s just because the show’s not good enough.” 

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