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Ricky Martin Denies Domestic Abuse Allegations After Restraining Order Filed


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Ricky Martin, a Puerto Rican singer, actor, and songwriter is now acting very strong against the allegations filed against him for Domestic Abuse.  The actor keeps denying the allegations related to the domestic abuse restraining order filed in Puerto Rico. He firmly believes that he will be fully cleared from the suspicions.

Ricky Martin Denies Domestic Abuse Allegations

The complaint was filed under Law 54 which is the Domestic Abuse Prevention and Intervention Act. The case is filed as per the Georgetown Journal of Gender and the Law. But the latest reports show that the petitioner’s name is not disclosed due to the nature of the bill authorities.

Ricky Martin Denies Domestic Abuse Allegations After Restraining Order Filed

The representative of Martin said that the allegations currently shot against Rickey are completely fabricated and false. 

The Attorney of Ricky even added that the truth can’t be kept wrapped for long, and when the true facts come out, then everyone will surely know that the singer is innocent and will be fully vindicated.

The police tried to issue the restraining order on Friday in Puerto Rico, where the singer belongs to. Then, till now, the report shows that the police force was not able to find him. 

Axel Valencia, the police spokesman told that the current legal order masks the singer from contracting the person, who brought up the complaint. Only the judge has the right to decide whether the present order should remain in place or be neglected later.

The crucial part of the complaint, which is the details related to the complaint filed against Martin is still unclear and not revealed. 

Based on the reports released by the legal authorities, shows that the order against the actor was issued by Judge Raiza Cajigas Campbell, who is the First Instance of San Juan, right after the petitioner’s request.

Everything took place all of a sudden, and the officials said that the petitioner tried moving directly on to the court to request a protection order other than initially filing a police complaint. 

The actor Ricky Martin’s real name is Enrique Martin, and the petitioner made the complaint against him mentioning the very same real name.

The protection order was made via the new Center for Operations and Processing of Protection Orders (COPOP), right after being established and received a copy by the police. The processing of the order took no time.

The hot news came after Rebecca Drucker, Ricky’s ex-manager sued the singer ‘for more than $3 million in unpaid commissions.

According to the revealed legal documents, the case was filed in the Central District Court in Los Angeles, last Wednesday.

The claimed complaint highlights the fact that Martin has made millions of dollars with Rebecca at his side, and she helped the actor via touring, sponsorship deals, recording contracts, and professional endeavors,

Rebecca even added that Martin threatened her in many ways and attempted to force her to sign an nondisclosure claused agreement to make her keep mum about his behavior towards his ex-manager.

The legal representative for Martin still declines the comments and is trying to prove his innocence.


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