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CelebrityAmber Heard Finally Opens Up About When Johnny Depp...

Amber Heard Finally Opens Up About When Johnny Depp Hit Her For The First Time: Thought It Was A Joke


American actress and activist Amber Heard claims she held back tears when ex-husband Johnny Depp physically abused her when they were briefly married. She took the stand and testified that Depp, repeatedly slapped her. She alleges it started with a slap after she laughed at one of his tattoos and progressed to a cocaine “cavity search” of her body.

Amber Heard Finally Opens Up About When Johnny Depp Hit Her For The First Time

In court, the actress detailed the first time Depp allegedly stuck her, as well as subsequent instances of physical aggression and his serious drug use. Even after all the alleged physical abuse, the ongoing trial, according to Heard, has been the most “traumatic” experience she has ever had in her life.

Amber Heard Finally Opens Up About When Johnny Depp Hit Her For The First Time: Thought It Was A Joke

Amber Heard On Getting Backhand Slapped On The Face 

Amber Heard revealed to the court that Johnny Depp continuously hit her under the influence of illicit drugs and alcohol. Amber attempted to portray Depp as someone who could be warm and kind, but who would fly into rages, sometimes over-perceived infidelity when under the influence of alcohol or drugs in her testimony on Wednesday. He allegedly tried to conceal his substance abuse, which ranged from drinking spirits to excessive use of cocaine, according to her.

Amber testified for the first time in an internationally watched defamation case launched by Johnny in the United States, claiming that the pair enjoyed their so-called magical relationship until it got violent. She claimed Johnny’s first physical outburst happened after she simply asked about the meaning of one of his old tattoos. Depp replied, “Wino,” and Amber Heard laughed, thinking it was a joke. She stated, that Depp slapped her across her face.

She had no idea what was happening. So she froze and stood there for a while. According to her, he called her a bitch and slapped her twice more, Amber claimed. She also stated that she will remember it forever. The Aquaman star admitted that she thought Depp was taking cocaine at the time and that there was a jar full of cocaine in the room. She went on to say that they talked while sitting on the couch.

A Roller Coaster Ride Of Emotions

While Heard said that Depp apologized to her after the event and that the two reunited soon after, She said that the relationship was becoming increasingly violent and that he would shove her, punch her, and push her. According to Heard, Depp accused her of having affairs during a particularly tumultuous period in their relationship in 2013.

She claims that after he allegedly resumed drinking alcohol, he began accusing her of having affairs. In one instance, she claims, Johnny Depp saw a painting she owned painted by an ex as evidence of infidelity. She goes on to say that he attempted but failed, to burn it. During an argument about the alleged affairs that were brought up in the trial, Heard claims Depp slapped her with the back of his hand. 

The court was also shown a picture of Heard’s left arm that she sent to her mother in 2013, which showed a prominent bruise. She claims the bruise was caused by a fight in which she threw a vase at Depp. He grabbed her arm and threw her to the ground, screaming at her, she claims.

Heard explains that she didn’t make a big deal out of these incidents because she was so engrossed in the relationship and she took pride in her toughness.

However, Johnny Depp has denied all allegations from Amber heard against him during his testimony. Johnny earlier stated during the trial that he never hit her and that she was the one who abused him. The Pirates of the Caribbean star sued Amber for $50 million, claiming she defamed him when she claimed she was a victim of domestic abuse.

Amber has counter-sued for $100 million, claiming that he slandered her by labeling her a liar. Both actors have faced several personal losses due to the ongoing trial including major career-related setbacks. 

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