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Who Is Amber Heard’s Lawyer? What Attorney Ben Rottenborn Did Before Representing Her At Johnny Depp’s Trial?


The latest defamation case between the famous and the most happening couple in Hollywood has taken a major shift of events. Depp has filed a defamation case against his ex-wife Amber for affecting his career and reputation by making unauthenticated statements. 

Who Is Amber Heard’s Lawyer?

Amber has recently released a public statement through an article published in the year of 2018 in the Washington Post that she was a victim of domestic violence and she had to tolerate an abusive relationship with Depp.

Who Is Amber Heard's Lawyer

she has also alleged that she was beaten up many times and Depp is nothing less of a scoundrel. All of this has been affecting the goodwill and the reputation of the famous Hollywood actor Depp. That has resulted in Depp bringing this defamation suit against his ex-wife. 

Legal fight 

The couple has arranged attorneys for themselves, respectively, who are ready to fight in the Court of law. However, it is worth mentioning that Amber’s litigation team is working beyond expectations to defend Amber from the charges of defamation that Depp is levying. Ben Rottenborn heads the legal team, Amber. The renowned lawyer leaves no stone unturned to save Amber from paying the huge damages worth 50 million dollars to Depp in the ongoing defamation case.

Introduction about the lawyer

Ben Rottenborn is a principal attorney at Woods Rogers, and he works in a Virginia-based law firm. He has extensive experience in representing amazing clients before the Court of law in matters related to civil litigation, criminal appeal, corporate matters, and defamation matters. He has a huge amount of respect in their entire confederation. Amber has technically chosen one of the best lawyers in the country to take up her case and safeguard herself from almost every kind of loss. 

Defending Heard in the case 

To defend Amber in the latest defamation case, he represented that Amber had a borderline personality disorder before the Court of law in the latest hearing. This is evident from the latest forensic report already testified and approved by a psychologist. Even the psychologist, Shannon Carry, was brought into the witness box for approving the same. Heard has been leaving no stone unturned to defend herself by claiming that she is a victim of an aggressive personality and can take a vital step in a fit of anger.

The legal team of heard is also hoping that the latest report being produced by them in the Court of law gets considered and valued. This supports the conclusion that there is a need to develop a sense of empathy and sympathy towards a worsening mental condition. However, on the other hand, Depp’s team is also continuously bringing this to notice that things have to be sorted for the time being, and this is not a genuine defense.


All the evidence and the reports from both sides have been placed before the Court of law. All of this is going to affect the future course of the case. It is hoped that the truth only wins. However, all of this depends on the upcoming hearings.

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