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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Calls Out Mark Meadows For Seeking Pardon: ‘He knew He Was Breaking The Law’


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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, better known by her initials, AOC finally uttered words about the January 6, committee hearing, at The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Tuesday, June 28.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Says Mark Meadows Showed A ‘Consciousness Of Guilt’ 

On hearing of the background occurrences on the day when violence was upraised against the government, it was Cassidy Hutchinson, Chief of Staff Mark Meadows’ ex-advisor in the White House, who gave testimonials against the 45th US President.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Calls Out Mark Meadows For Seeking Pardon 'He knew He Was Breaking The Law'

Meadows and Rudy Giuliani allegedly sought a pardon from former President Trump on the day of the hearing. 

According to the United States Representative, Ocasio Cortez, pleading for forgiveness is not an act of bearing guilt before the law, whereas accepting is, for she considers asking for forgiveness is incredible and must be appreciated.

The 32-year-old politician stated that it is stunning when someone accepts the mistakes and steps forward to seek forgiveness out of guilt and consciousness.

She added that Mark Meadows, who is the chief of staff to Trump himself, requested a pardon for he realized the depth of the incident.

According to the reports, apart from Meadows and Giuliani, a handful of other Republicans also came forward in pleading for the former President’s pardon for their acts, to which the activist, Ocasio Cortez suggests that anyone who has gone against Trump in the case must face the consequences at any cost.

The member of the Democratic party claims that the ones who pleaded must at least be expelled out of the House of Representatives.

Ocasio explains to the show host Colbert, that if he happened to be an elected member and is allegedly seeking for pardon for the crime committed, then asking for an apology is the minimum of what he could do but whereas, such officials must be taken to the very extend to prove the world that there is something called The Law of United States of America.

Rep. Majorie Tylor Greene, who once accused the current US Rep. Ocasio stating that Ocasio supporters the terrorists back then, was also present among the Republicans who sought an apology this time.

Ocasio shared that it feels quite bizarre for her to work with people with whom she actually does not want to be linked.

However, the activist wants to reveal the names of the Republicans who sought pardon in the Capitol attack. In another discussion with Dana Bash, on 26 June, Sunday, Ocasio said that she does not know who all among her colleagues were involved in the attack, but she wants to put light on them and bring each of them under the influence of law, before which everyone is equal.

In addition to the counted names, Rep. Scott Perry also sought the President’s apology as he connected the President with Jeffrey Clark, acting Jeffrey Rosen, Attorney General, who declined Trump’s take on the presidential election 2020 by revealing that the election was not corrupted in an interview.

Since Perry sought the pardon, his office has declined further allegations.

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