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Adult Female Actress Kitten Natividad Died At Age 74!


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Kitten Natividad passed away on September 24, 2022, and her family and fans are saddened by what has happened. Kitten Natividad was a Mexican-American dancer and actress known for her 112 cm bust size and roles in the cult movies of her ex-partner, director Russ Meyer.

In October 1999, the actress underwent a double mastectomy as part of her breast cancer treatment. She died at Cedars Sinai Hospital on September 24, 2022, and as soon as people heard the news, they wrote tributes and sad messages on Twitter.

Adult Female Actress Kitten Natividad Died

The sad loss of Natividad made everyone on the internet cry. But as said before, it is true that Kitten Natividad is no longer with us. She has passed away and her journey to the next life has begun.

The reason for Natividad’s death is all over social media. News channels, websites, blogs, reporters, and other media are all trying to find out what happened to Kitten Natividad.

Kitten Natividad

So many fans of Kitten Natividad have asked us to find out the real reason for her death. Many of her fans still have hope and refuse to believe that Kitten Natividad is dead. We know that it is hard for her fans to believe that their beloved Kitten Natividad has died.

Even if it is hard to believe, the truth is what it is. The answer should be simple. No one knows what Natividad, the kitten, died of. The family of the kitten Natividad has not yet commented on what killed her. The family only recently found out.
Kitty Natividad is no longer alive. The family of Kitty Natividad is so upset about what happened that they are not able to talk to the media about it.

We believe that the family should be given the time and space they need to grieve for their beloved kitty Natividad, and fans should pray for the kitty’s soul.
Russ Meyer met Natividad, then known primarily as “Kitten,” through Shari Eubank, a dancer who starred in his 1975 film Supervixens.

Meyer hired her to tell the story in Up! In it, she was shown sitting naked in a tree, quoting Hilda Doolittle and performing as a Greek chorus to punctuate the crazy events.
Meyer was so impressed with her that he hired her to star in his next film, Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens.

This was one of several occasions when Meyer and film critic Roger Ebert collaborated. Meyer paid for a second breast augmentation and voice lessons to help her lose her accent.

Kitten Natividad  death

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Because of the terrible results of her breast augmentation surgery, she deeply regretted what she had allowed herself to be talked into. During the shooting, she separated from her husband Meyer, with whom she was together for almost the entire next 15 years.

After that, Natividad began modeling for porn. She did mostly glamour or girl-girl shoots with the likes of Candy Samples, Uschi Digard and Patty Plenty.

The gigs paid off big for her as a dancer. Like Lili St. Cyr, she used a large champagne glass in her performance and performed the Bobby Darin song “Splish Splash” to go with it.

She was a guest on The Dating Game, one of the game shows produced by Chuck Barris.

Natividad underwent a double mastectomy in October 1999 to treat her breast cancer. After her breasts were removed, it was discovered that the silicone used in the implants during her 1969 surgery was not of surgical quality, but of industrial quality.

She later had surgery to correct the problem, so she is now back to the size her fans remember her to be.

As of early August 2016, she was living alone with a pit bull and three cats, all of which were featured in the 2005 documentary Pornstar Pets. She continued to earn money by selling her porn videos and having phone sex.

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