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Actress Alicia Witt Reveals Her Secret Battle With Cancer After Her Parents Tragic Death 


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The 46-year-old actress uncovers her battle through an Instagram post where she throws back the moment of triumph when she completed her last round of treatment. She shared her experience last year that was quite tough for her as at the time she went through a mastectomy and the sudden death of her parents. On the platform, she wrote that when she finished her last therapy, she rang the bell and her doctor was there with her to celebrate the victory. In her words, her doctor, Dr.Habib Doss, was a brilliant, communicative, supportive, and collaborative doctor who helped her a lot. 

What Did Alicia Witt Say About Her Struggle?

Throughout her struggle, she said there was a tiny crew who were like human angels living like pillars around her, referring to her scalp-cooling caps. They not only supported her but also encouraged her. She further said that she was highly concerned about her hair but she kept it secret at a larger level. She waited for her 100% healing till then.

After Her Parents' Deaths, Actress Alicia Witt Reveals Her Cancer Battle.

She wanted to keep the therapy private. She is thankful to all those people who have appreciated her and protected her privacy during the last few months. The cap she used during her journey has played a huge role which allowing a patient to reveal the journey whenever he or she wants to. She continued that it was the needed part of her life that had caused a horrible tragedy in her family at the beginning of her treatment. 

Alicia Wit describes how many times she has been asked to lose weight

According to Alicia, though she does not know yet for absolute certain until after the mastectomy that the disease is completely healed from her left breast, this marked the end of her carboplatin + Herceptin ( the latter two are immunotherapies which will be continued, per protocol for HERF2+, through the end of this year).

A shoutout Is also given to her “tiny crew of human angels” who were by her side and give her strength during six treatments, crediting them for keeping her spirits high and replacing her therapy cap which aims to minimize the problem of hair loss, when needed. 


The reason for Alicia’s parents’ sudden death was disclosed after 2 months of their death:

While the actress was thinking about keeping her hair at the largest level, she did deeply wish to keep her diagnosis private until this painful disease was fully healed, god willing, it is told by the actress Alicia. She also added that she is thankful to all those people along the way during treatment who honored her by protecting her privacy during those months, as well as grateful to help share that these caps can truly play a huge role in order to allow a patient to reveal her journey in her own time when she was ready. She kept the news of her disease private as much-needed part of healing as she was very disappointed with the loss of her parents, Robert and Diane Witt.

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