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Jennifer Connelly Speaks On Daughter Agnes’ Health Scare And How Her Fear Of Flying Got Worse


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Jennifer Connelly is expected to star in a film that will be featuring some of the world’s best fighter pilots. The actress says that there was a time when flying in the sky made her very nervous.

The American Actress Jennifer Connelly Says That She Thought That This Is Just Unsustainable And She Needs To Work On The Issue

During an interview with a magazine, the 51-year-old American Actress poked on how she “struggled with separation” and anxiety when it came to parting with her daughter Agnes after she experienced a health scare. The “Top Gun: Maverick” star Jennifer Connelly said in the interview that the separation would lead her to panic.

She also said, “My armchair analysis of myself is that we’d had a health scare with our youngest child, Agnes when she was very little. It wound up being nothing, sort of a false alarm, but it was enough to frighten me.” Explaining her experience she continued, “As a result, I struggled with separation. I never loved flying, but it got worse the first time I traveled without her, that was the first time I had a real panic. I always knew it was something I could outthink because I was always better when I was coming home.”

Jennifer Connelly Speaks On  Daughter Agnes' Health Scare And How Her Fear Of Flying Got Worse

Jennifer Connelly was, fortunately, able to conquer her fear of flying before joining her co-star Tom Cruise in a two-seater plane. In the same interview, she also shared her experience about this saying, “Fortunately right before doing this film I was having to commute a lot by plane and I thought, ‘This is just unsustainable, I have to work through this issue,’ so I just kind of found my angle,” Jennifer further stated that she hardly felt even a little uneasy while she was with Tom Cruise on his bike or the two-seater plane.

Talking about Tom Cruise she said, “I felt like I was in capable hands, I didn’t worry for a moment about his skill as a motorcycle rider or as a pilot.” The actress also learned sailing which was a part of her character in the film.

Jennifer Connelly’s Life And Career

Jennifer Lynn Connelly is a well-known American actress, born in the year 1970. Connelly began her career as a child model before her acting debut in the film Once Upon a Time in America, released in the year 1984. From 1980 to 1985 she pursued her modeling along with some roles in films. Between the years 1986 to 1999, she appeared in a lot of mainstream films. Between the years 2000 to 2003, she received worldwide recognition for her acting.


The actress had a romantic relationship with her co-star Bill Campbell with whom she got engaged but broke up within 5 years of togetherness. She, later on, entered into a relationship with the photographer David Dugan with whom she had a son in 1997. In the year 2003, she married Paul Bettany with whom she is having a happily married life.


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