HomenewsSeries90-Day Fiancé Recap: Kara And Guillermo Have Their Big Day

90-Day Fiancé Recap: Kara And Guillermo Have Their Big Day


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Cheers to Kara and Guillermo! The American television series, 90-Day Fiancé Recap: Kara And Guillermo Have Their Big Day has finally brought a sigh to its audience by coming up with a wedding after commencing the 9th season. The show has not so far had a title of only filming extravaganza nuptials, including the current wedding of Kara and Guillermo, which was held at the back of a beer hall.

90-Day Fiancé, Has Finally Brought A Sigh To Its Audience By Coming Up

The binge-watchers of the show were exhausted longing for a single wedding from the seasons and it took more than three months to witness one. When the participants Kar and Guillermo were finally ready, Kara booked a back of the German Beer Hall, as he could not do anything better as the ceremony did not have much preparation time. 

90-Day Fiancé Recap: Kara and Guillermo Have Their Big Day

In the anguish of Guilleeimo’s loving brother, Jose Joaquin, who recently left his soul to the heavens, the groom presented a flower bouquet on the chair to honor him, and he secretly grieved and wished he was there to hold his hand at the most precious moment of his life. 

In the most awaited episode’s trailer, it was shown as Kara getting late to the ceremony, however, managing to reach the spot at the exact time and walked down the aisle with her mother.

Without any snag, the wedding went well except for the witty instinct of Guillermo as he failed to pronounce the word “achieve” and mispronounced it saying “ achieve” during their oath.

Guillermo, the sweetest of grooms, in his post-marital interview stated that he was looking for a home of his own, where he could live with Kara and their children.

However, Kara seems to be not much interested in recreating their big day to which her husband Guillermo replies telling her that those were only a mere practice.

Although their love story is going great, not everybody was having a good time in the show. In the 90- Day Fiancé odyssey to the slate, Mohammed and Yve were left with only 37 days and their chemistry has been shrunk to its unlike before. Mohammed has not so far shared his relationship red flags with his mother and grandmother, who were currently in Egypt. In his recent interview, he clearly stated how confused he was about their relationship, and he said that does not really know their future.

90-Day Fiancé Recap: Kara And Guillermo Have Their Big Day

In the Facetime with his mother, Mohammed was reported to have asked her about her opinion on Yve wearing Muslim clothes or not, to which the responsible mother replied by advising her young son saying that he should never force Yve in following their tradition and also instructed him to not to get in trouble expressing his take on the matter, rather suggested Mohammed to always be good to her.

The call was the major turning point for him, as he left the past happenings behind and with an open mind decided to accept Yve and her culture as it was. The culture was however his issue as he was not at all feeling comfortable in New Mexico since their traditions are tip-toe different. 

Following his decision, ten days passed by, and a scene was shown to the audience where Yve and Mohammed were in a restaurant for a dinner and she was heavily looking at the wine list on the menu after which she replies to the annoyed Mohammed saying that she was only looking at it, but had not ordered yet. 

Needless to say, Yve was totally tensed in considering their wedding since everything she ever did was looked upon as a sin and Yve recently even told Mohammed that she does not need that much intensity in their relationship, to which her boyfriend replied calmly stating that they were at the initial stage of a relationship and were only learning.

According to Yve, it was her matter of concern whether her going-to-be husband was supportive of her or not and thus she frantically asked him if he could actually handle her or were they different like chalk and cheese.

Although Mohammed itself was drowned in his doubts, he consoles Yve by telling her that he understands the diversity in the United States and that it was a fact that everybody was different. He even suggests starting afresh.

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The viewers started to feel the heat between the duo as the couple was seen having a good time together at the night, walking under the stars. 

Out of the blue, Mohammed hinted at the flower bouquet he was holding for her and got on his knees, and opened the ring box to her. Although surprised as hell, Yve accepts his proposal by saying a “Yes”. The couple has finally decided to move on and are about to kickstart with a new romantic aura, by forgiving each other for their past.


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