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Keep Breathing Review! Who Stars In The Survival Drama Series? All About Keep Breathing


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The role of Liv is a fierce lawyer. Liv ends up by herself in the Canadian wilderness following an aircraft catastrophe. A 32-year-old Mexican actress plays it. Leading Mexican television actress Melissa Barrera gained notoriety for her portrayal of Olvido in Siempre Tuya Acapulco. The actress is famous for her singing and acting capabilities. She also preferred to play Vanessa in the musical drama film In the Heights. She was also in the slasher horror flick Scream, directed by Sam Carpenter in 2022.

Keep Breathing Is Released On Netflix!

In the film Keep Breathing, the actress will take the lead as Liv, an attorney. She develops the lone survivor of a plane catastrophe. Barrera has spoken about her job. Barrera also discusses how difficult it has been to spend 12 to 14 hours a day walking through the bush. She acknowledges that it is among her most difficult past endeavors.

Austin Stowell is an American actor. Austin Stowell is 37 years old. He portrays one of the victims on the wrecked plane that Liv was traveling on. He describes himself as a photographer for National Geographic.

Austin Stowell has been in many movies. It includes Dolphin Tale and Dolphin Tale 2. The performer is particularly well-known for his parts in Whiplash in 2014 and Love and Honor in 2013. Additionally, he performed in Steven Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies. There he played Francis Gary Powers. Stowell portrays Liv’s traveling companion, who perishes in the collision and abandons her in the wilderness.

Keep Breathing Review! Who Stars In The Survival Drama Series All About Keep Breathing

Juan Pablo Espinosa is a Colombian actor and he is 41-year-old. Juan Pablo plays Liv’s father in the show. Liv’s mother appears mostly in flashbacks. It is when Liv describes her early years and inner issues when stranded in the woods.

Espinosa has acted in a number of Spanish television shows and has had guest appearances on Netflix’s Narcos. Additionally, he appeared in the movies Life Godmother Cocaine. It starred Catherine Zeta-Jones as Griselda Blanco, and the Apple TV+ series Acapulco.

The Colombian actor Juan Pablo Espinosa made his acting debut in the telenovela Tu voz estéreo. En films like Merlina, mujer divina, Floricienta, Los caballeros prefieren brutas, and A Corazón Abierto, he has also played the lead role. The character’s father is portrayed by the actor. He appears in multiple frames in the teaser. It suggests that he will play a significant role in the show through Liv’s flashbacks. There are only a few other cast members in the limited series. Also, they mostly play supporting parts.

Who Stars In The Survival Drama Series?

The star of the new Netflix survival drama, Keep Breathing, is probably Melissa Barrera. Fans of Barrera are eager to see what she does next after a hot run of films like On the Heights and Shout Out. Moreover, this limited series is a fantastic showcase of her abilities.

But even though her character, Liv, spends most of the series alone in the Canadian wilderness. She is accompanied by an incredible cast of actors who vividly bring the setting to life. Jeff Wilbusch is a 34-year-old German-Israeli actor. He plays Liv’s love interest. He repeatedly shows up in flashback scenes as Liv struggles to survive in the desert. Jeff Wilbusch plays Danny.

The character of Anton Mesterbein in the miniseries The Drummer Girl, which also featured Michael Shannon, Alexander Skarsgard, and Florence Pugh, is arguably the one for which he is best recalled. Additionally, he appeared in the well-regarded Netflix miniseries Unorthodox. Wilbusch then took the lead in David E. Kelley’s peacock drama, The Missing.

Keep Breathing stars the brilliant Florencia Lozano as Liv’s mom. Florencia Lozano is a 52-year-old from Argentina.  In the daytime soap series, A Life to Live, she portrayed Téa Delgado. Along with Sarah Michelle Gellar and iher deal stranger, she also had an appearance in Veronika Decides to Die. It also starred Halle Berry and Bruce Willis. The thriller Amy Turns Three, similarly stars Torrey DeVitto and Mike Doyle. It includes Lozano as its next leading man.

It’s All About Staying Alive

In the latter part of June 2022, Netflix published the Keep Breathing trailer. An aerial image of a private jet flying over the woods opens the trailer. On the flight, Liv is dozing off, and then there are brief glimpses into her past and unconsciousness. The plane’s warning sirens blare, jolting us back into the present. The unanticipated situation forces Liv and the team to crash land into a lake.

The trailer heavily relies on flashbacks with clips from Liv’s past and present intercutting. This resembles the agitated state Liv would be in after the crash. It also shows how her struggle is dual in nature, physical and psychological. She must not only subsist in the wilderness. But also face some of her inner traumas and demons.

Keep Breathing Review

It is in order to keep her mental and emotional strength. There is a ray of optimism in this. This story seems to be about overcoming personal suffering and challenges. Its challenges are both physical and emotional, rather than one that is defeatist.

Liv’s relationships with the nature she has been thrust into are prominently featured in several of the scenes in the present. It is a lush, verdant region with tranquil lakes and evergreen-covered mountain peaks. It is a stunning backdrop that unquestionably depicts the wilderness as a key component of the narrative. Its size puts Liv’s struggle into perspective. It is because she appears to be a little organism in an ecosystem with an almost unfathomable scope. The day Keep Breathing was released. It is on July 28, 2022, that the six-episode of television series will debut on Netflix.

Keep Breathing’s History

In February 2021, the series with the working title Breathe was ordered. Executive producers and authors of the project were Brendan Gall and Martin Gero. Gero and Gall cooperated on the drama-thriller television program Blindspot. The first three episodes of the show were directed by Maggie Kiley (Dr. Death).

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Maggie Kiley also serves as executive producer for the Television Studios-produced Warner Bros. The creator of episodes 4-6 is Rebecca Rodriguez. Production started in Vancouver in June 2021. The assignment will be completed in September. In June 2022, the program’s name was modified to Keep Breathing.


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