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Here Are 5 Possible Contenders To Replace Boris Johnson As U.K. Prime Minister


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The British Prime minister of the United States, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Jonson has made his resignation official and put forward a statement of serving as the Prime Minister until the party finds a new fit, on Thursday.

Currently, there are more than 350 legislators who are running behind to replace Johnson as Prime Minister and the legislators in the 1922 Committee would formulate the rules for the candidates next week, without heading to another poll. The decision was made so and so, considering the reality behind the last election, in which the Conservative Party won in a landslide.

5 Possible Contenders To Replace Boris Johnson

As per the parliamentary system followed by the UK, the one who leads the contest arranged by the committee would be finalized as the next Prime Minister after Boris Johnson.

Here Are 5 Possible Contenders To Replace Boris Johnson As U.K. Prime Minister

This time, Johnson’s friends and rivals have equally stepped forward in taking part in the major process of the Prime Minister hunt, similar to how Boris Johnson took part in 2019. Possibly, Johnson shall be replaced by any one of the following lawmakers, with regards to their excellence in experience and popularity.

Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak

The ex-chief secretary to the treasury and the chancellor of the exchequer, Rishi Sunak, who despite being the second most senior political person resigned from his current position, paved a way for Johnson to put back his throne for the next. Sunak had proven his efficiency during the pandemic by aiding the needy with necessary financial support. However, though he is favored by the public to own the position of the country’s top political job, he also seems to be incompetent considering his wife’s tax affairs. His scale also dragged him down due to the violation of lockdown rules as well.

Sajid Javid 

Sajid Javid

The Member of Parliament who served in many positions like the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Home Secretary, and recently as the Secretary of State for Health and Socialcare presented his resignation before the law on Tuesday night. Before the leadership of Johnson, when Theresa May was the PrimeMinister, she resigned after which both Johnson and Javid fought for the position. In 2021, Javid made his entry back into the government, and this week, he presented the flows of Johnson quite openly before the parliament in a very brief speech.

Ben Wallace

Ben Wallace

The longest-serving politician from 2005, who has also shone with his amazing approach in supporting the Ukrainian military in the renowned fight against Russia, this year, shall be pointed as the front runner amongst the others. Though has played a major role in running the Campaigns arranged by Johnson, Wallace has remained low-key after the criticism against the PM arose. Ben Wallace was one of the soldiers who escorted the dead Princess Diana following her death in Paris and he has also completed a couple of overseas military tours as well.

Suella Braverman

Suella Braverman

The Britain barrister ex-courtroom attorney, Suella Braverman, who is the current attorney general started serving in the parliament in 2015. Braverman made a television appearance on Wednesday and bravely put forward her opinion on Johnson’s resignation and the Brexit hardliner declared herself to be participating in the Conservative party leadership contest.

Jeremy Hunt

Jeremy Hunt

Before Johnson’s government came into existence, Hunt was qualified as second to Jermey when Prime Minister Theresa May marked her quit. However, Hunt remained to serve on the health committee of the parliament. In the British Cabinet, a decade-long career flourished by Hunt as the minister of culture, health, and foreign affairs. His strong reputation was injured when he had no choice but to reduce the services due to budgetary restrictions. However, Hunt is thought to have the potential to reign on the throne as the Prime Minister of the United States.

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