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“Zombies 3” Trailer Featuring Blue-Haired Aliens!!!


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Zombies 3, the original movie, has launched its trailer on Disney+. It is a piece of good news for all The fans of the Zombie series who were waiting for the threequel and the release date of the third installment.

The film is the third film of the “Zombies”. The premiere of the film on the steamer will start on July 15 worldwide. Disney Channel will air a particular version of the song “Lost Song” from the movie on 12th August.

This will serve as additional bonus footage for the audience. 

“Zombies 3” Trailer Featuring Blue-Haired Aliens!!!

The previous movies of the Zombie series were launched around Valentine’s week.

Zombie 3 Trailer Featuring Blue-Haired Aliens!!!

However, the trend is broken this time and the release period is different for the third part. The viewers’ appetite is increasing with the launch of the trailer for Zombie3.

The tagline of the teaser of the movie begins with the line “Welcome back to Seabrook, where humans, zombies, and werewolves have learned to live together. 

The beginning of the teaser shows how the people as well as the monsters of the place Seabrook High are living together peacefully. The changes in their lives happen when a UFO lands and carries blue-haired aliens in it. The UFO lands on the grounds of a school and immediately the aliens start a turf war with the students of the school of Seabrook. 

The stars of the movie Zombie3 are Milo Manheim and Meg Donnelly. The parts played are cheerleader Addison by Meg and zombie Zed by Milo respectively.

These stars are commencing their years of seniority in the town of Seabrook High. Both humans and monsters reside in the place. The character Zed is seen to be having plans for college while Addison can be seen having preparation for cheer other extraterrestrial beings when they arrive unknowingly in their home. 

Other stars of the movie Zombie 3 include Ariel Martin playing the role of Wynter, Chandler Kinney in the role of Willa, Carla Jeffrey playing the role of Bree, Matt Cornett as A- lan, and various others.

A notable contribution is seen by RuPaul Charles through the voice of “The Mothership” in the cast. Other artists like Pearce Joza, Trevor Tordjman, James Godfrey, Kylee Russell, Kyra Tantao, Terry Hu, and Kingston Foster play important characters in the movie. 

The director of Zombie3 is Paul Hoen. Joseph Raso and David Light do the screenplay. The first two movies of the Zombie series are written by Light and Raso. The other executive producers of the film are Light, Suzanne Farwell, Hoen, and Raso. 

There is a piece of bad news involved too for the fans, in the announcement of the release of Zombie3. This threequel is the final movie in the series of Zombie.

The end of the story will be seen in this movie. The vice-president of the Zombie series, Lauren Kisilevsky, said that the enormous success of the previous series of Zombie had raised the stakes for the third installment. 

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