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WWE: Kevin Nash Reveals Heartbreaking Details Of Scott Hall’s Hard Days Before He Died


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Kevin Nash finally talks about the final days of the American professional wrestler, Scott Hall, who breathed his last on 14 March 2022, following a heart attack. 

According to the disclosure made by Kevin, Scott slipped on ice cubes which broke his ribs days prior to his death. The close friend shared a few words that clearly described the final days of the Wrestling star.

Former WWE Scott Hall Died At 63 After Being Taken Off Life

The Razor Remon, aged 63, underwent complications in the hip surgery. According to Kevin, he slipped on the ice cubes that were scattered on the floor when he was trying to grab a few pieces of ice from the refrigerator to the jar, in which he was preparing a drink. 

At first, nothing happened, but then Scott went back again to get something when his heels caught the scattered piece of ice and slipped at the moment, breaking his hips. 

WWE Kevin Nash Reveals Heartbreaking Details Of Scott Hall's Hard Days Before He Died

Kevin continued to speak as he said that Scott Hall was in utter pain and could not move and lay in the kitchen for some time and eventually passed out. By the time he woke up, the situation had worsened. The wrestle woke up amongst the sofa set, and within minutes he again passed out of dehydration. 

Scott already has a pacemaker in his heart and in pain, he said that he might wheeze in case he does not get anything to drink. Gathering the whole strength left in his weak body, Scott managed to take the jar of water and drank from it sip by sip. Kevin said that the brave wrestler dragged himself to his phone and dialed the emergency telephone number, 911.

Kevin Nash Reveals About His Health Issues

Late Scott’s teammate shared that Scott had to get his hips fixed without having any medical insurance under his name. The friend reported that Scott had many other issues when observed that his bowel had some kind of a hole. He said that every time he called Scott, he would be in the hospital doing checkups or getting treatment.

Kevin recalled the call from Paul, that he received days later the hospitalization of Scott which informed Kevin about his deteriorating health of Scott, as he already had three heart attacks. 

Kevin then told that it was devastating for him to not reach up to his dearest friend, Scott as he could not get any flight from either Atlanta or Daytona Beach. It was at the moment the doctors revealed that they were going to unplug him out of the artificial facilities that were keeping Scott alive and they informed him that Scott, the WWE star, would only be alive for the next 10 minutes after they remove the connections from his body. 

It was an emotional moment for the Kliq guys, as they all did a phone call together to which the phone was kept on the speaker next to Scott, and Kevin shared that they could do nothing, but cry and cry over the demise of their friend. However, the strongest wrestler was alive for another seven hours and finally bid his bye. 



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