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RhoDubai’s Caroline Brooks Was Surprised By Lisa Rinna’s Very General Apology


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‘Real Housewives of Dubai’ cast member Caroline Brooks was unimpressed by Lisa Rinna’s apology, which blamed her Instagram rage on a recent loss.

“I was astonished that’s the approach she took when apologizing instead of being more direct, like, ‘I messed up,'” the reality actress said. “However, it may be sad. I’m not sure, but she might be grieving. Although I did read the apology, it wasn’t really apparent. She might have aimed it towards the people she had offended.”

RhoDubai’s Caroline Brooks Was Surprised By Lisa Rinna’s Very General Apology

Lisa Rinna, 58, had only “a tiny amount” of development, according to Caroline Brooks, 37, who went on to say that she had made a “quite general remark.”

RhoDubai's Caroline Brooks Was Surprised By  Lisa Rinna's Very General Apology

“She shouldn’t just go around offending strangers, so I hope she’s being honest and I hope she really means it, the woman added.”

“It’s cruel and not very courteous. And we handled it horribly.” Several “Rho Dubai” cast members and Rinna got into a fight after the reality star made a divisive comment on her Instagram Story.

When discussing Garcelle Beauvais, the only black full-time housewife on “RHOBH,” she claimed that any issues she or her white co-stars had with her were immediately seen as racist.

“If we fight with Garcelle suddenly we are considered racist,” Rinna wrote. “That is absurd. I find that to be unacceptable. I have nothing to fear from any of you, and I will speak my mind.” Going after the new franchise, Rinna stated, “And if you are just so triggered by our program, which a lot of you p—sies are, go see Dubai.”

The “Rho Dubai” stars then interrupted Rinna with their own dubious comments in order to quiet her. Many others felt that Rinna’s reference to the franchise was a microaggression in and of itself because of its diverse cast. Caroline Brooks of The Real Housewives of Dubai is skeptical of Lisa Rinna’s apologies.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Actress Apologized

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills actress, who apologized after calling Bravo’s newest program “p—sies…go watch Dubai,” attributed her distress to the death of her mother Lois. But Caroline isn’t certain that she agrees with that.

“I was taken aback that she chose to take that way in her apology rather than being more forthright and saying, “I messed up.” “However, it might be grief. She may be grieving, but I can’t say for sure. I did read the apology, though, and it wasn’t very clear. She might have aimed it at the individuals she upset.” Even though she just offered a vague statement, it was nevertheless important that she admitted her wrongdoing. That demonstrates some progress.

Caroline hence said, “She shouldn’t just go about offending people she doesn’t know, so I hope she’s being sincere and that she really means it. It is cruel and not at all kind. And we certainly didn’t handle it well.”

Not just Caroline from Rho Dubai was outraged by Lisa’s remarks from last week. In reply, Chanel Ayan tweeted, “They want their lips back, therefore Rinna Africa phoned! Dubai should not enter your mess or your tongue.”

Lesa Milan, a co-star, added, “She does not desire this heat, and we are not BH. She will be dragged out of there off the doctor’s table and into the desert!”

During that time, Caroline said, “I’ve been informed that Lisa Rinna has addressed our show in a dubious or unfavorable light three times. Continue to target the women on your show with your posts and aggressive behavior. Take care, Rinna! Your posts and words are insulting and careless.”

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