Homemovie newsWinnie The Pooh: Blood And Honey Official Trailer Released!

Winnie The Pooh: Blood And Honey Official Trailer Released!


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The first trailer for the horror film Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey has been released. The film is being made because the rights to the original books have expired.

The trailer shows how the adult Christopher Robin returns to the Hundred Acre Wood he left behind and encounters Pooh and Piglet, who are now hungry for blood because he left them behind. Later, the two creatures attack a group of five women at a cottage. This seems to be the main part of the movie.

Winnie The Pooh Official Trailer

The trailer gives a hint of the horrible things that will happen to the people in the forest, and it ends with a very literal interpretation of the phrase “Blood and Honey”: the two liquids are poured into a vat together for some reason. Let’s just say it doesn’t look like a fun trip for anyone.

Winnie The Pooh

When director Rhys Frake-Waterfield and Jagged Edge Productions announced the film earlier this year, word spread like wildfire (who have some experience with horror films The Curse of Humpty Dumpty and The Legend of Jack and Jill).

Since then, we’ve learned a few more things about the film, like that Eeyore’s old friends ate him and that the first poster says, “This is not a bedtime story.” There is still no official theatrical release date for the film.

Disney still owns the rights to the Winnie the Pooh animated films, but the original books by A.A. Milne went into the public domain this year. That means filmmakers can use Milne’s name and story as long as they don’t add things that Disney later invented.

When Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey was announced in May, people laughed and shrugged. Sure, everything else in the world is going to hell fast, so why not make a horror movie about AA Milne’s beloved teddy bear turning into a living nightmare and going on a bloodthirsty rampage? Good idea, and good luck to all involved.

But sometimes wishes do come true. Because “Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey” may have sounded like a pipe dream that would forever get caught up in Disney’s legal machinery, but now there’s proof that the thing actually exists.

The first “Blood and Honey” trailer has been released into the world, and for better or worse, it’s everything you thought it would be.

Winnie The Pooh Plot

The plot of the film seems to be that Christopher Robin, like all boys, outgrew his favorite toy as a child and left the Hundred Acre Wood to see the world as an adult.

But while he was gone, Winnie the Pooh and Piglet got mean and nasty. It seemed like they wanted to eat the other animals in the forest and thought up terrible things to get revenge on their old friend. When Christopher Robin finally comes back home, there is a lot of quarreling.

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