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Disney Shares First Glimpse Of Halle Bailey As Ariel In ‘The Little Mermaid’ Teaser


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‘The Little Mermaid is a stupendous and indeed riveting upcoming Movie that comes under the genre of Musical/fantasy. This much-anticipated movie will be released on May 26, 2023 on Disney’s. This film is vociferously directed by Rob Marshall, conglomerating its production with Walt Disney PIctures. And without any doubt, this upcoming movie is an adaptation of the highly acclaimed 1989 animated movie which shares the same title. 

Disney Shares First Glimpse Of Halle Bailey As Ariel

The titular and highly acclaimed character would be played by Halle Bailey. Her appearance as the mermaid in the teaser had brought a great amount of zest and invigorating anticipation among the audiences. Halle Bailey is an astounding American singer and actress. She is unapologetically famous for her songs, especially contemporary R&B, pop music, and neo-soul. This film could give Halle a totally different view to her acting career. 

The Little Mermaid

Halle and her sister Chloe Bailey were living together and they moved together to Los Angeles. Their first singing gave her prominence to the music field, ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’. Halle has won NAACP Image Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a comedy Series and Grammy Awards for Best R&B song. 

The screenplay is astonishingly written by David Magee. Of course this is a film that is loosely based on Hans Christian Andersen’s tale which holds the same title. With a blithe effect, Alan Menken would be the composer for background score and songs. Along with Rob Marshall, other partners in producers are John DeLuca, Marc Platt and Lin-Manuel Miranda. With an astounding effect the cinematography is carried out by Dion Beebe. 

The launch of ‘The Little Mermaid’ had made a tremendous impact on YouTube and it has crossed Millions of views. People are waiting for its premiere day with zestful anticipation. The film would be a gripping story where a young bright mermaid is making a deal with a sea witch. The mermaid trades her boisterous voice so that she would get human legs.

The reason behind this barter system is that our younger mermaid desperately wants human legs so that she could explore and discover the world that awaits her above water. Mermaid devoid of exploring the stupendous world that is worth discovering, she had no other choice but to trade her voice because it’s the only thing that she can assert on her own. 

In the teaser, we could see the mesmerising capacious underwater sea and the fishes, tortoises gleefully living in their ecosystem. Our beautiful mermaid with immense felicity is wandering under the sea. At the end of the teaser we could see the beautiful face of our mermaid. 

With an amazing cast and crew this film would be an amazing visual treatment. 

Halle Bailey as Ariel

Jonah Hauer King as Principe Eric

Melissa McCarthv as Ursula

Simone Ashlev

Jacob Tremblav as Flounder

Awkwafina as Scuttle

Daveed Diggs as Sebastian

Lin-Manuel as Miranda

Javier Bardem as King Triton

Jessica Alexander

Lorena Andrea as Perla

Emily Coates

Noma Dumezweni as Carlotta

Jude Akuwudike as Grimsly

Russell Balogh

Adrian Christopher

After the official announcement of the release date, audiences who have already read or watched the animated tale, would be in great anticipation to watch the movie. This beguiling movie revolves around a younger beautiful mermaid who is desperate to go outside her water world.

The Little Mermaid

The sea is the only world that she has seen. When, overcoming her impediments she happened to see a human prince and she is enamoured by his bewitching beauty. As our mermaid was following stringent rules and regulations set by her father, she was forbidden to visit the surface of the sea. Her  father and his recalcitrant attitude made her life nugatory.

Determined to meet her charming new prince, Ariel makes several attempts and finally she proposes a deal with the sea witch. ‘Desperate measures desperate times’. She decides to trade her voice and instead she implores to have human legs for some days. 

This film loosely based on Hans Christene Andersen’s tale would be a greater visual treatment with its bodacious portrayal of an entirely different story line. 

The titular character Ariel and her stupendous portrayal of being the mermaid would be the most interesting factor in this film. 

The central quintessential message this film put forth is that there is no dream too big or petite. Dream is the vital ingredient that accelerates and fuels our lives to live peacefully. Here in spite of several encumbrances Ariel decided not to relinquish her dreams and desperately fights for it.

Despite her father’s warnings she set across to fight for her love. Unrequited love would be the most excruciating thing a person could have. So, Ariel, a strong willful character jumps ahead over the tantrums that life throws upon her. 

This film would just swoop into the audiences and it can bring way too different bodacious visual experiences. People who have watched the teaser would be in much anticipation for the due date for the streaming of the film. 

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