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‘Weak Hero’ Chapter 183: Gray Beats The Bullies! Release Date, Time, What To Expect, Reddit Spoilers, And More


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This week’s Weak Hero chapter was fantastic! For those who haven’t read it yet, things have been heating up for Gray. We watched him defend himself against the bullies that used to pick on him when he was just an ordinary human being early on in the chapter. But now that he has superpowers, he’s been able to do a lot more than he ever could before.

Weak Hero Chapter 183: Gray Beats The Bullies! Release Date

This increased confidence, however, has not been without its drawbacks. The bullies, it turns out, have been retaliating against his growing strength and power, and they’ve chosen to employ their abilities to ensure that they don’t lose any bouts against him. That suggests they’ve begun to bully him even more aggressively than before!

Weak Hero' Chapter 183 Gray Beats The Bullies

Fortunately for us, it appears that Gray will be able to defeat these bullies regardless of what they do. In this week’s chapter, we’ll see how the main character puts all of the pieces together that we’ve seen in previous chapters to defeat his old opponent once and for all finally. Let’s see how things play out in this week’s episode!

The Weak Hero 183 Spoilers

While Yeon Gray and his classmates are always the underdogs at school, watching how things play out will be intriguing. The bullies of Yeon Gray were thrashed by their elders. They wounded Gale while planning to beat him up. As a result, these elders have asked him to bring Yeon Gray to them.

In the following chapter, the protagonist will travel to the rooftop to see these elders. However, it does not look that things will move as quickly for them as they have in the past. Yeon Gray, Gale, and his friends are all better fighters than the rest of the party. As a result, the next chapter may assume that this combat will endure longer than a few pages.

Weak Hero Chapter 182: This Is The End Of The Bullying Now

The 182nd chapter of Weak Hero starts with Gray thinking about why Gale had not called him yet. The chapter cut to the scene in the classroom where two students were bothering Gale to give his notebook to them. But when he refused, they decided to bully him for it. Gale understood that there was no way he could fight them. Thus, giving up was the only way out. This was the moment when Yeon Gray also entered the class. The bullies tried to trouble him too. When they met in the classroom, he did try to ask him about the same. Gale said that nothing happened while he was away. He did not want to look pathetic. Thus, Gale lied to him. After the class, he headed to the rooftop as the bullies had asked him to. Towards the end of the chapter, the bully gets beaten up, and he comes back to Gray to ask for a game of Billiards.


This chapter reminds us of how His resolve strengthened gray’s strengths after the bullying incident. Thus, even when he was younger and weaker, he was still a person who didn’t give up. This chapter will be exciting to read, primarily since his opponent has been powered up to increase their strength and physical capabilities. What will the outcome be? We can only wait until next week’s release to find out.

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