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Kingdom Chapter 716 Has Been Leaked And The Release Date Confirmed



Kingdom’s latest chapter has leaked online, and it’s a must-read for game lovers. A new plot arc in the manga will see the return of one of Xin’s most dangerous foes, the ghost-like General Wang Qi. A fan spotted an Amazon Kindle edition of the book accessible for download from Japan this week.

Kingdom Chapter 716 Has Been Leaked! The Release Date Revealed

This episode is the first manga series from Japan to be quickly translated into English after its initial publication. If you haven’t read any Kingdom manga yet, I strongly advise you to do so now! It’s excellent and well worth your time.

Kingdom Chapter 716 is now available, and it continues the story from the previous chapter. The narrative is set in Japan some 600 years ago, during the Warring States period. Xin, a young boy, is studying to become a great commander, and he meets another young man called Ying Zheng, who shares his ambition to become a renowned fighter. The manga follows them as they work together to attain their objectives.

Kingdom Chapter 716 Has Been Leaked And The Release Date Confirmed

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Xin – The Kingdom Of Heaven’s Greatest General

Yasuhisa Hara’s manga series The Kingdom is a Japanese manga series written and drawn by him. The narrative is based on events during China’s Warring States era. Since January 2006, the manga has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump magazine, and in April 2021, it was collected into 61 tanks volumes.

The Warring States period in China was a period of enormous upheaval, with various kingdoms rising and falling in a five-hundred-year conflict. Li Xin, a combat orphaned enslaved person, works hard with his fellow slave and best friend Piao, who shares his lofty desire of becoming a Grand General from Heaven one day. When Piao is hired to work in the palace by the king’s servant, they are forced to part ways.

Piao returned to Xin half-dead after a horrific coup d’etat with a mission to find the young Chinese king Ying Zheng, who looks much like Piao. For the first time, the kingdom joins Xin as he sets out on a voyage into China’s violent history. He must carve his road to glory in his arduous trek to become a Grand General of the Historic Seven Warring States.


For the time being, the manga is limited by regional boundaries, but the number of admirers grows with each passing month. The Kingdom manga’s popularity has exploded due to its ability to radically redefine the most popular genre in modern literature: historical fiction. Check out Funimation every week to learn more about Kingdom’s planned narrative releases and scanlations.

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