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Tyra Banks Net Worth, Age, Height, Bio, Career, Relationship


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BanX is the stage name of Tyra Lynne Banks, an American television personality, model, producer, and writer. Tyra Banks, a well-known worldwide fashion icon, was the inaugural Black woman featured on the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover.

All You Need To Know About Tyra Banks Net Worth, Age, Career

Tyra Banks is a remarkable person who uses every opportunity to grow her abilities while maintaining her character. Because of this, her maxim, “A smart model is indeed a great model,” has been put into practice, making her an exceptional fashionista.

Later, she served as the host of the reality television series America’s Next Top Model and her daytime talk show, for which she received two Emmy Awards.

All You Need To Know About Tyra Banks Net Worth, Age, Career

Tyra Banks Net Worth And Assets

Banks began her career as a fashion model, but she became a television mogul, where she is now thought to have amassed a net worth of $90 million.

She reportedly made roughly $18 million a year as the host of the Tyra Banks Show alone at the time, in addition to her other earnings. Forbes claims that Banks regularly earn $20 million every year.

Banks have also made significant real estate investment decisions.

Tyra bought a new house in Pacific Palisades in February 2018 for $6.995 million. For $7.895 million, she fetched a buyer in December 2021. The 7,000-square-foot Manhattan duplex that Banks presently owns has a gymnasium, spa, and mirrored changing area.

Tyra Banks Net Worth

Tyra Banks Early Life

Tyra Lynne Banks was born in 1973 as the daughter of Carolyn London (a medical photographer) and Donald Banks (her father, a computer consultant).

Devin, her five years older brother, is a family member. Banks went to John Burroughs Middle School before graduating in 1991 from Los Angeles’ Immaculate Heart High School.

According to Banks, she was called an “ugly duckling” and taunted about her looks as a child. Tyra recalls an unpleasant childhood in which she grew too quickly and was given the moniker “Giraffe.”

Banks rose three inches within three months, then 11 years old and shed thirty pounds. Who thought something she remembers as ugly and embarrassing would lead to a million-dollar future?

Tyra Banks Professional Life

She tried to improve the condition of her lean body after deciding to fix it. Her ambitions to become a model at that time scarcely went as planned because four modeling agencies turned her down because she lacked a beautiful countenance.

Even though it meant she had to give up pursuing her studies at Loyola Marymount University, she persisted and eventually, at 17, was allowed to sign up with the Elite agency.

Tyra’s first phase as an Elite model would be to fly to Paris, where she spent a year establishing her professional life and modeling for top fashion houses such as Ralph Lauren, Chanel, and Yves Saint Laurent.

Tyra began putting on weight in the mid-1990s, which was immensely scandalous in a world of doll beauties. Tyra returned to her job in the United States rather than conforming to meet the newest high fashion trend.

She made a name for herself after returning to the United States by signing a contract with Cover Girl Cosmetics in 1993, given that she was the first African-American model to engage with the label.

However, Tyra’s career peaked in 1996 when she became the first black model to feature on the front of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, branding her as a coveted supermodel and propelling her to international stardom!

Tyra has dabbled in acting with her rigorous schedule as the world’s top supermodel. She began with a modest role in the British movie-to-TV show “Inferno,” then went on to star in the classic 90s comedy-drama series “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” alongside Will Smith.

Tyra was undeterred by the fact that she had achieved her dream while also appearing on television. In 2003, she teamed with UPN to launch “American Next Top Model,” a reality TV show in which candidates battled to be crowned the next supermodel.

Tyra endured in her humanitarian endeavors parallel to modeling, acting, anchoring, and creating Tv and movies.

In 1994, the supermodel established the Tyra Banks Scholarship, promoted greeting cards through the Children + Families organization to aid mistreated and abandoned children, and journeyed to the Costa Rica jungles to spread awareness about fragile ecosystems.

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Tyra Banks Personal Life

Tyra has had some love affairs with other celebrities, including director John Singleton, with whom she collaborated on “Higher Learning,” and began dating Sacramento Kings basketball player Chris Webber for over three years.

In addition, Tyra and Norwegian photographer Erik Asla (now separated) had a biological son, York Banks Asla, through surrogacy.

She enjoys artwork, snowboarding, rollerblading in her free time, and her favorite sports, tennis, and basketball, to maintain her body. Banks has also stated that she does not consume alcohol and has never experimented with drugs.

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