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New Trailer For House Of The Dragon Released! Here Are The 4 Takeaways


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The fans were twiddling their thumbs in the urge of watching the snippet of the Game of Thrones spin-off, House Of The Dragon. Fire to the flame, the prequel, has released the trailer.

The New Trailer For House Of The Dragon Released!

The world is again dragged into the universe of ugly fights and flaming fire with the budding of the next series adapted from the novel of George R.R. Martin titled, Dance of the Dragons. 

After the teaser trailer that was released in May, now the month of July is witnessing the complete trailer of the drama.

The New Trailer For House Of The Dragon Released!

There are a few reports obtained about the current wait of House Of The Dragon with 4 precise takeaways to point at. 

1. Return to the land of Westeros

Just like the original epic, Game of Thrones, the story plot of the Dragon’s first season will revolve around the same land of Westeros. It is not unknown that the preference of the viewers is still inclined toward House Stark’s Bran, however, the fans are still excited to watch another bevy of characters playing around in the same plot, where the phenomenal Thrones were based. The trailer has purportedly made the Thrones fans’ feet at home, once again. 

The battle is going to be ugly and ruthless between the two gigantic teams of Velaryon and Targaryen. The short trailer has made a clear statement about the budget as well, with its supernova casting and mind-blowing VFX. 

2. Welcome back Ramin Djawadi!

The second takeaway is all about the return of the legendary composer, Ramin Djawadi, who is an Iranian-German by origin. Djawadi has beautifully taken care of the background score in Thrones, for which he was even nominated for the 2009 Grammy Awards. Apart from the HBO series, he has also appeared in Marvel’s Iron Man. 

The massive composer is back again to hypnotize the audience with his mesmerizing musicals in Dragon too. The songwriter is not coming in with an empty hand, but with an essence of Westworld. The trailer was released with Velvet Underground’s Venus in Furs containing the magic of heavy orchestra cover detailed by the iconic tunesmith. 

The song that takes off with the lyrics, “Shiny, shiny, shiny boots of leather”,  “whiplash girl child in the dark” features girls wearing furs, which is a kind of pretty introduction to the drama.

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3. The incredible dialogue delivery 

When Martin told the audience to have a little patience and trust the writers, as they were making corrections and additions to the original story of Martin, the audience did not expect such a mass trailer. 

Of course, the overwhelming dialogues are the third takeaway that is about to be sectioned here. 

Soon after a random character, whose role is so far not clear to the viewers, mentioned the knives, the trailer picturized its very next scene as Prince Daemon on the pinpoint of the knife. The latter character is enrolled by the Doctor Who star, Matt Smith.  Another shot in the trailer focused on one of the other characters of the series proclaiming about the deadly war and the exact scene was coupled with a glimpse of two blocs running against each other to conduct the same war.

Over a blackened field, an unknown character spoke about the presence of Dragons in the family. With suspenseful music, the punch dialogues and melding visuals quickly pause there. 

With huge dragons flying over, fires taking huge flames, a pair of horses running through the jungle, and a roar of a dragon, visualized under an intense music cover, the first complete trailer of the Dragons have grabbed the eyeballs of many.

In one of the scenes, a character was seen talking about how a woman is kept away from sitting on the Iron Throne. There is a hint within the trailer that the prevailing rules are about to be altered. 

4. What a blonde bunch of heads!

Since the audience is much familiar with the blonde look of the characters through their favorite Game of Thrones series, it was not a moment of awkwardness for them when the characters were p[resented as total blonde in the trailer. 

When the whole slew of the characters are looking dope and unrecognizable, Phoebe Bridgers Princess Rhaenyra looks like herself, in a changed attire. 

HBO Max’s new poster covers the Moon Song singer in a red-velvet gown paired with a sleek bun. 

The trailer has successfully planted a form of suspense in the minds of viewers and they are now eagerly looking ahead to the release of House of Dragon which has been scheduled for August 21, 2022. The HBO original fantasy drama has hopped to the watchlist of binge-watchers, with its iconic trailer impact.

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