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Top Chef Star Howard Kleinberg Passes Away! Cause Of Death, Net Worth, Wife, And More


Chef Howard “Howie” Kleinberg, who was famous for appearing on the third season of Top Chef, died of a heart attack. He was 46. Kleinberg’s estimated worth in 2022 is $12 million According To the source  Howard’s mother as saying, “I just found out how many people’s lives he changed. His life’s passion was cooking, so he got married to it.”She also said it was true that he had a heart attack.

Howard Kleinberg Top Chef

Bravo also talked about Kleinbeg’s death, writing “The family of Top Chef is saddened by the sudden death of Howard Kleinberg from season three. Howie’s love of cooking made a lot of people happy, and we’re very sorry for his family and friends.”

Top Chef Star Howard Kleinberg Passes Away! Cause Of Death, Net Worth, Wife, And More

HK is best known for being on “Top Chef: Miami” in 2007, where he came in seventh place. After that, he opened his own restaurant in town called Bulldog Barbecue, among other places to eat, and did well in the local scene.

Kleinberg had a memorable run. One of his favorite memories from that season was a tense conversation he had with the late Anthony Bourdain. AB was yelling at Kleinberg for moving too fast in the kitchen, but Howard turned the conversation around by quoting Bourdain from one of his books, which left AB very impressed. Kleinberg’s family includes his mom, stepdad, sister, and her kids. He was 46

Howard Kleinberg’s Net worth

Kleinberg’s estimated worth when he dies in 2022 is $12 million.

Chef Howard, who was born in Florida, went to the South Beach wine and food festival. Howard had also worked as the manager of the Bulldog restaurant

Local press says that Howard ran his restaurant for more than ten years before he became a chef at the Anderson. Howard was the seventh runner-up In Top Chef. Third Season

After that, he opened his own restaurants and took part in many events related to food. As a contestant on Top Chef, Howard had to face two chances to be kicked off the show. Ken Kyon, the owner of Anderson’s, says that they will never forget Howard because he was a great cook with a great attitude.

Howard Kleinberg Wife

Kleinberg didn’t have a wife, and he wasn’t married when he died. Her mother said that he was married to his passion in life, which was cooking.

Howard Kleinberg Career

Howard was born in South Florida at the North Miami General Hospital, which is now the location of Johnson & Wales University, where he went to culinary school. “Isn’t that a complete circle?” his mother asked.

Wally, Howie’s dad, also died of a heart attack when he was 34 years old. Back then, Howie was only six years old. His mother worked with caterers as a professional event planner. Kleinberg went to North Miami Beach High School and then went to Maine to go to Hyde School.

Top Chef Star Howard Kleinberg Passes Away! Cause Of Death, Net Worth, Wife, And More

He then got a job in the kitchen of the downtown Miami Hotel Intercontinental. “The first day he came home, he was upset and said, “Look how red my hands are!” But after a few weeks, he said, “I think I kind of like this,” Susan remembered about her son’s first few weeks as a chef.

Howard Kleinberg Miami

Howard Kleinberg’s unexpected death last week took away a talented chef and kind person from the Magic City.

People in Miami who liked the food and knew him called him “Chef Howie.” He died on Friday, July 22. Kleinberg was 46.

Kleinberg is best known for his love of barbecue, but he is also one of the most successful Top Chef contestants from the Magic City. During the third season of the hit Bravo cooking show, he won two elimination challenges and came in seventh place.

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Howard Kleinberg opened Bulldog Barbecue & Burger in North Miami in 2008, not long after the series ended. The restaurant was inspired by his love of barbecue and his summers with his family in North Carolina.

Ten years later, when the restaurant closed, Kleinberg worked as the executive chef at the Anderson. He went to the South Beach Wine & Food Festival often because, as a lifelong Miami resident, it was important to him.

Howard Kleinberg Twitter

Howard Kleinberg bourdain

Kleinberg came in seventh place on “Top Chef,” but he was a fan favorite because of how he talked with the late Anthony Bourdain.

The Herald said that in one episode, Bourdain tried to teach Kleinberg how important it is to always serve a dish on time.

Kleinberg took the criticism in stride and told him to read Bourdain’s book “Kitchen Confidential” about making sure a dish is right no matter what.

Oh, man, that’s not fair, Bourdain said.

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