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Johnny Depp’s Clean-Shaven Jack Sparrow Surprised Fans!


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Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the most amazing movies that the audience has been privy to in recent times. Moreover, it created a megastar out of an already talented star, Johnny Depp.

For the unversed, Pirates of the Caribbean is an American film, based on sea pirates. The film franchise started its journey, way back in 2003 and has been going strong since.

Fans Are Shocked By Johnny Depp’s Clean-Shaven Jack Sparrow Look!

The first film from the series collected US$654 million worldwide. It is also the first film franchise that managed to gross above US$1 billion from two of its movies.

The fifth film was released back in 2017. Now the makers are also keen on making a sixth, although nothing significant has been announced so far.

A new video, in the meanwhile, has emerged, which sees the lead star, who reprised the role of Jack Sparrow, sporting a new look. The fans are used to seeing Jack Sparrow in a bearded avatar. So, this new look which is clean-shaven is a bit shocking for fans.

Fans Are Shocked By Johnny Depp's Clean-Shaven Jack Sparrow Look

Johnny Depp began his acting career long back. He started in 1984, with the movie A Nightmare on Elm Street. He went on to star in the 21 Jump Street series. In the past few years, the hugely successful star has teamed up with Tim Burton, to collaborate on a few hugely successful movies.

The films that earned him accolades are Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd, and the Corpse Bride. He also won three Academy Awards nominations for his acting prowess.

Although the star Johnny Depp has done a huge number of movies in which he played a variety of roles, one character has become his identity of sorts. It is none other than that of Jack Sparrow. It was always hailed as a standout and riveting performance from the star, which has created box office history.

He is undoubtedly, the face of the movie franchise. His character was also emulated as a Disney icon. However, the new video of Johnny Depp that has surfaced, shows him with a new look, sans the beard and mustache that he always sported.

Thus, fans are really surprised. He is seen performing the same impression for a fan without his trademark mustache and beard.

In recent times, a lot happened both on the professional and personal front for the star. Disney reportedly dropped him from the film franchise, as he was involved in a domestic abuse case with his ex-wife Amber Heard.

Disney released a statement saying, that they do not want to join hands with a star who has so many allegations against him. In fact, Warner Bros replaced him in the Fantastic Beast series with another star. Due to his legal issues, Disney is also not too keen on getting him on board for the sixth film of the franchise.

So, it is quite unlikely that Jack Sparrow – Johnny Depp is returning to the Pirates franchise any time soon. Johnny Depp also mentioned in one of his recent interviews, that he is also not keen on returning to his Jack Sparrow avatar. No amount of money could bring him back to reprise the role.

However, he continues his acting journey, irrespective of the bad publicity which he garnered due to the highly publicized trial. A recent Instagram post shows Johnny Depp in a clean-shaven avatar. And that has supposedly surprised the fans.

He changed very quickly to his Jack Sparrow look at the request of a fan. The video has received over 1,300 likes and has received some mixed reviews from fans online.


Another such post on the internet shows Johnny Depp meeting one of his fans, Christine Kelly. Since the moment the photos emerged on the internet, it has created a huge storm.

More and more speculations are floating in the air. Many actors have also expressed astonishment, at his new look. Most have not spotted him in a while, without his facial hair. So, it is a bit out of place and garnered mixed reviews.

For the unversed, the couple, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard tied the knot, in February 2015. But just 15 months, into the marriage, reports were afloat regarding his temper at home.

Amber Heard, who happens to be a model and actress from Texas, also posted pictures, where he was seeing hurling wine glasses across the room.

At first, the divorce seemed normal. But slowly Amber Heard started raising allegations against him. She also got a restraining order passed against him. Amber Heard has raised many allegations against the star, and that included being hit a number of times.

From the very beginning, Depp had denied all the allegations against him. But that did not stop the world from going against him. Amber Heard received all the sympathy. Depp also suffered a setback in his professional life, due to the trials and tribulations. Very few movie houses and directors wanted to cast him for the role.

In the year, 2018, he was dropped by Disney from the iconic role, publicly. In the meanwhile, Depp was not ready to take things the way they were.

He hired the best and most proficient lawyers, and he also filed a $50 million defamation case against Amber Heard. He also presented evidence, stating that all the allegations raised against him were false. The actor also alleged that he was the victim and not the woman in the relationship.

Johnny Depp alleged that he was beaten, kicked at, and also reportedly punched by Amber Heard. He also alleged that she threw objects at him. The entire trial took as long as 3 weeks, Depp had initially lost the case, but he was not ready to take things lying down.

He filed a case again and wanted to prove his innocence to the world. He and his legal team worked hard, to prove that the photographic evidence produced by Heard was all false and staged.

But all seems well now, that he finally won the case. And his recent appearance shows that he is much-loved as the character Jack Sparrow. He has released a class act once again, out of the franchise to show his love and gratitude to his fans, it seems.

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