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Tomb Raider 2: Gets Disappointing Update From Alicia Vikander


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The Tomb Raider franchise never failed to excite the audience for some other reason. Based on the video game series of the Tomb Raider, a film franchise was developed featuring Lara Croft, a highly brilliant and athletic British archaeologist who embarks into ancient tombs and dangerous ruins around the world. 

Tomb Raider 2 Updates About From Alicia Vikander

The first film of the franchise is Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, a 2001 action-adventure film in which Angelina Jolie portrays Lara Croft. Even though the film received mostly negative comments, Jolie was praised for her performance. The second film, Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life was released in 2003 with Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft. As the character was accepted by the masses, the Tomb Raider Franchise started afresh in 2018 featuring Alicia Vikrander as Lara Croft. 

Tomb Raider 2 Gets Disappointing Update From Alicia Vikander

After the third version of the Tomb Raider, the team was planning to release their fourth film of the series, Tomb Raider 2. But as per the latest report given out by the actress, the film is facing some kind of issues. The movie was expected to be released in March 2021 but got delayed due to the outbreak of the Corona-19 pandemic. But as the pandemic has ended by now, the film faces some other issues with its release which delays the much-anticipated movie from reaching the big screen.     

Is Tomb Raider 2 Out Yet?

Even though the film was not a huge success or box office hit, the film had a small fan base who were waiting for Tomb Raider 2. But to their disappointment, the actress reveals that Lara Croft might not be back on the big screen any sooner as the film is facing some delays. 

In the latest interview, the actress disclosed the latest updates about the hopefully upcoming film sequel of Tomb Raider 2 The film which started filming in 2019 is written and directed by Misha Green from Lovecraft Country. As per the actress’s belief, one of the reasons for the delay faced by the film is due to the buyout of MGM by Amazon.

According to her, this has made the situation much worse and as of now, she is not sure about the future of the film. She added that the current situation is much the same as that of politics. She and the director, Misha, were all set for the film, but someone else is trying to stop the film from being played on the big screen.     

MGM, who worked behind the film, was bought by Amazon earlier this March and it is believed that this has affected the release of the film. As per the actress, Tomb Raider 2 is not coming up as the film faces several political and business reasons. And because of this, the film is not expected to come out for a while. Vikander said that the future of the film is not in her hands and she has nothing to do with it.  

Tomb Raider one was released in 2018 featuring Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft. The film was based on the events taken from the Tomb Raider video game of 2013 and has received both positive and negative reviews. It grossed over $274.7 million worldwide and performed well at the box office. 

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