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Titans Season 4 Trailer Dives Back Into The Occult, Reveals Lex Luthor


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It has been some time since Titans last investigated its occult side or Raven’s demonic ancestry (Teagan Croft). Barbara Gordon and Scarecrow, two Batman characters, ended up spending the whole of season 3 in Gotham City (Vincent Karthesier). But the show is again returning to its gloomy roots.

The superhero group commanded by Dick Grayson/Nightwing will indeed be moving to Metropolis, according to the brand-new Titans season 4 trailer.

Titans Season 4 Trailer Dives Back Into The Occult

That clarifies why they see Lex Luthor, who Nightwing claims is the only person Bruce Wayne has ever been frightened of. Although Luthor is known for his scientific prowess in other stories, in this one, he seems more interested in the supernatural. He has obtained control of the Temple of Azarath, a welcoming structure to cults.

Titans Season 4

Fans of the Teen Titans are undoubtedly probably familiar with that name. Voices can be heard chanting three well-known words throughout the trailer: “Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos.” This is, of course, the phrase Raven would pronounce each time she used her superpowers on the classic 2000s Teen Titans show and its follow-up, Teen Titans Go.

The phrases haven’t been particularly useful to Croft’s Raven up until now, but it appears that she will eventually encounter them – in some way. Conner Kent, created from the DNA of Luthor and Superman, is being sought after by Luthor; for more on what this might entail, read Walker’s interview in our Fall TV Preview.

All About Titans Season 4

What happens to youngsters with amazing talents as they mature and carry the world’s weight? The explanation is that they usually end up very messed up, as seen by “Titans,” the most popular superhero TV program right now, whose protagonists all have their issues and occasionally clash with one another but manage to work as a team to defeat a variety of villains throughout the show’s three seasons.

Given that they’ve previously faced up against Trigon, Deathstroke, and Scarecrow, the youths in question haven’t had time to slack off.

Even though these teenagers would undoubtedly like to take it easy for a while, we have a hunch they’ll be back on their feet immediately. What is next for the show’s eponymous Titans beyond its fourth season, as revealed by Warner Bros. at the DC FanDome festival in 2021?


Titans Season 4 Plot

According to sources, the official “Titans” Season 4 synopsis implies that the next episode will feature a gloomy element. The Titans left Gotham after saving it and drove back to San Francisco.

The narrative states that after stopping in the Metropolis, they find themselves in the sights of a superhuman sect with abilities beyond anything they have ever encountered. Sebastian Blood, aka Brother Blood, portrayed by “The Originals” actor Joseph Morgan, seems to be the season’s main antagonist.

Before the start of the new season, Morgan tweeted about what viewers may anticipate from his character. Morgan stated that he is certain that everyone will truly appreciate the trip Sebastian takes after this last week of filming #DCTitans.


You’ll love it; without a doubt, Morgan confirmed. According to the actor, the show’s new season is filled with dark and broken sensations. It also features a vindictive plot and emotional and vulnerable elements. On “Titans,” vengeance has always been the goal, and it appears that Brother Blood will raise the stakes considerably.

Titans Season 4 Cast

For “Titans” Season 4, you may anticipate the return of all your beloved little superheroes. We assume we’ll be seeing more of Brenton Thwaites’ Dick Grayson, Anna Diop’s Starfire, Tegan Croft’s Raven, Ryan Potter’s Beast Boy, and Superboy since the show’s Season 3 end saw the Titans’ remaining members boarding a bus to head back to the Bay Area (Joshua Orpin).

The newest member of the Titans squad is Tim Drake (Jay Lycurgo), who has skipped the “Batman sidekick” part of becoming Robin in favor of forming his team. There will probably be occasional appearances from other protagonists, such as Dove (Minka Kelly) and Jason Todd (Curran Walters). However, it appears that they won’t have major parts in the show’s fourth season based on the third’s final episode.

The identities of several of the season’s adversaries have now been confirmed, and Deadline previously revealed some fascinating new cast members for “Titans” Season 4.

The cruel headmaster of the HIVE Academy and frequent Teen Titans adversary, Brother Blood, will be played by Joseph Morgan, and Franka Potente will play Mother Mayhem, another Church of Blood adversary with an alliterative name.

Last but not least, Lisa Ambalavanar will play Jinx, a magic adept who has caused the Titans a lot of difficulty in both the comic strip on Cartoon Network and the comics.

Titans Season 4 Release date

Before “Titans” viewers received an update on the release date of Season 4, it was quite some time. For viewers, Season 3’s conclusion came a year ago, in October 2021, so it’s been a long wait. Thank goodness, “Titans” will return on November 3, as the teaser trailer for the forthcoming episode reveals.

On November 3, two episodes will be released, followed by one each week for the next four weeks, according to Collider. Six additional episodes will air in 2023 after the midseason break that begins on December 1. This is a brand-new airing approach for the show because it has never before taken a long vacation during the season.

The timing of Part 2 of Season 4’s airing has not yet been determined, but we anticipate finding out sometime in December when Part 1 concludes. All three previous seasons are accessible on HBO Max if you want to brush up on the show before Season 4 starts.

Where To Watch Titans Season 4

Once more, HBO Max will be the first place the series airs or streams before it appears on Netflix. We’ve seen plenty of familiar DC heroes and villains stream in and out of the show Titans, which was built from the Teen Titans IP from the DC IP and originally first aired on DC Universe before being transferred to HBO Max. Scarecrow and Oracle had notable appearances in Season 3.

For those who don’t know, beginning with season 1, Netflix obtained the rights to Titans in other countries. The international rights to its sibling program, Doom Patrol, were sold to Prime Video.

Titans Season 4 Trailer 

Tim Drake and Bernard seem to be pictured together in a new Titans still from the upcoming fourth season. One of the new major characters in Titans Season 4 is Tim Drake, a.k.a. Robin, played by Jay Lycurgo. It now appears that Tim’s comic book boyfriend might also be appearing in the show.


Despite being introduced to the Titans after season 3, Drake has not yet donned the Robin costume. Fans saw a sneak peek of the upcoming season at New York Comic Con, which included a scene in which it was said that Tim is making friends with a new individual named Bernard at STAR Labs.

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