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Is Man Of Steel 2 Happening? Check Out The New Updates!


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Few films have caused as much controversy among fans as Zack Snyder’s three DC film projects, Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Justice League. The director clearly expressed a distinct vision for what should look like and feel like in a specific incarnation of the now-famous DCEU.

Still, neither fans nor critics found it overwhelmingly appealing, as evidenced by the box office success of all three movies. Man of Steel, which Warner Bros. had anticipated would be the start of a shared cinematic world to compete with Marvel Studios, instead became the hurried team-building exercise that is Batman v. Superman. Ultimately, this produced a Justice League that no one was happy with—not the audience, the critics, or the producers.

All About Man Of Steel 2

There is, however, one point on which everyone can agree. That the movie was absolutely horrid and it wasn,t because of Cavill.

It’s challenging to think of another superhero who received worse treatment in recent years than Cavill, other than Ben Affleck’s work as Batman, who is another superb actor who had his performance buried in a muck of dubious filmmaking decisions and behind-the-scenes controversy.

Man Of Steel 2

Nevertheless, Cavill provided an entirely authentic Superman portrayal, with an innate gentleness that debunks the bleak tone of the films he’s acted in, he may have been carved from a chunk of the Fortress of Solitude itself, despite the fact that he looked like he’d walked out of a comic book.

Warner Bros. is well aware of the significance of Superman, or how important it should be, to their cinematic strategy. Still, a recent THR article claims that departing WB executive Walter Hamada was the one who actively opposed Cavill’s potential return to the role.

But according to a relatively similar report, the studio “has an overwhelming desire to revisit the Cavill incarnation of the hero,” and The project, which is essentially a sequel to Man of Steel, is searching for writers and has Charles Roven as its director.

Intriguingly, this information was included in a rumor that claims the director of The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker, James Gunn, has proposed the studio’s two top-secret DC projects. Although he isn’t mentioned as a prospective director for Man of Steel 2 in that THR article, it should be remembered that he has previously expressed interest in playing Superman.

Man Of Steel 2

When he approached Warner Bros. from Marvel Studios, he was granted the chance to play the part, and yet again when he pondered portraying the Last Son of Krypton as the main antagonist in The Suicide Squad.

The director and writer of two of the best Mission: Impossible films—Rogue Nation and Fallout, not to mention the upcoming two—Christopher McQuarrie, is on the studio’s wish list, according to reports that the company is seeking writers. It seems unlikely that McQuarrie will write or direct a DC film any soon, let alone this Superman sequel, but we can dream.

McQuarrie has a personal history with DC and Superman, having pitched both a Man of Steel 2 and a Green Lantern Corps movie a few years ago. However, given that he’ll be tethered to Mission: Impossible movies at Paramount for the next few years, we can hope. He might be available when the time comes to work on that Green Lantern Corps movie.

Why DC Decided Against Producing Man of Steel 2 previously

Despite Henry Cavill getting into talks to reprise his role as Superman on the big screen once more, a fresh report claims that Man of Steel 2 is not currently in development at DC Films. Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel debuted in 2013 and was the first film in Warner Bros.’s intended DC Extended Universe.

In 2014, Warner Bros. revealed a sequel, and a sizable slate of connected DC films was also developing. Man of Steel 2 was killed six years later, but why? The leading cause is the decline in popularity that the DCEU experienced following Man of Steel. This decline began with Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, which won over many ardent fans but alienated critics and broad audiences and continued with Justice League, which received harsh criticism.

The latter picture marked a significant turning point for the DC Extended Universe, with Warner Bros. diverting its attention away from Batman and Superman and toward Wonder Woman, whose solo film had previously been a great success, Aquaman, whose solo film had already concluded filming by the time of Justice League’s release and was likewise a blockbuster, and popular offshoot villains like the Joker and Harley Quinn.

Cyborg and the Flash-related spinoffs, however, have been delayed significantly. Moreover, Warner Bros. indicated that it wanted to abandon Snyder’s DC vision, including Man of Steel 2. Finally, according to THR, Cavill was reported “out” as Superman in 2018, following a breakdown in contract discussions between the studio and Cavill’s representatives.

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Cavill was bound to the franchise for a specific number of films, four to be exact, as is customary for any big-budget film with a chance for a sequel. Accordingly, he could continue working under the present contract for one more film,

A New Superman Film Is In The Works?

Unbelievably, a new Superman film unrelated to Henry Cavill’s portrayal of the character is now in production. Ta-Nehisi Coates will write the plot, and J.J. Abrams will produce, according to Shadow and Act. No one has been chosen, but according to THR, Superman will be played by a Black actor.

Variety reported in 2019 that Michael B. Jordan had discussions with Warner Bros. about “pitching” a plot for the character. However, it’s not clear if the two projects are related. Nevertheless, it seems inevitable that at least one modern Superman film will be released featuring a significant Black voice.

but Cavill and Warner Bros. would require a new contract for anything after that. Even though Man of Steel 2 wasn’t in the works, Cavill is allegedly in discussions to return as Superman. However, he probably won’t star in DC’s anticipated Supergirl film either, as that project is also said to be on hold.

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