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Is “The Hype House” Star Thomas Petrou And Mia Hayward Still Together?


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Thomas Petrou is a Greek-American entrepreneur and social media star who gained fame through his TikTok and YouTube accounts. It is safe to say that Thomas Petrou has cemented his reputation as an influential member of the Hype House, one of Los Angeles’ most prominent incubators.

He is most recognized for founding The Hype House, a well-known social media platform. Since 2021, his relationship with Mia has been widely publicized on many social media platforms, including TikTok and Twitter, and it is still being discussed in 2022.

Who Is Thomas Petrou? Know More About Thomas Petrou

He was born on September 2, 1998, in the United States city of Los Angeles to a Greek-American mother and a Greek father. During the year 2022, Petrou will be 23 years old. In terms of ethnicity, Petrou is white and of American heritage.

Is The Hype House Star Thomas Petrou And Mia Hayward Still Together

Thomas Petrou attended a Community High School in California for both his primary and secondary education. Afterward, in Los Angeles, California, he enrolled in a neighboring private university, but he dropped out to focus on his web business full time. To become a well-known internet star and a multi-millionaire in the social media industry has been his lifelong dream.

Thomas started watching YouTube videos in 2015. The success of his YouTube channel led Thomas to join Team 10 in May of this year. After only three months on the job, he was let go for reasons that were never revealed. It was not the end of the road for him, and this prompted him to inquire. Seven months after his contract with Team 10 expired, Thomas Petrou co-founded “The Hype House.”

How Long Has Been Thomas Petrou And Mia Hayward Together?

Thomas Petrou, the founder of The Hype House, and his partner, Mia Hayward, have been working together for almost two years. His partner was referred to as “the love of my life” by the social media star on Instagram on December 8, 2021. In addition, he published a photo collage made up of two separate images, one of which he said was taken two years prior.


In early 2020, Petrou and Hayward are said to have started dating, just a few months after Kayla Pimentel, the creator of The Hype House, broke up with him. Petrou has previously made it clear how much he values his partner’s presence in his life and how much he values her love for him.

On January 9, 2022, he released a YouTube video in which he talked about his time at The Hype House and his work as a content creator, as well as what Hayward meant to him. Despite the fact that he had only been helpful to others in the past two years, he claimed that others had taken advantage of him.

When Did Petrou And His Girlfriend Make Their Relationship Public

In April 2020, Petrou and his current girlfriend made their relationship public on Instagram. To work with other social media stars, Hayward swiftly settled into The Hype House. In February 2021, rumors of their engagement began to circulate.

Petrou’s suspicions were validated when Hayward was caught in an Instagram photo sporting a gorgeous ring. Rather than an engagement ring, it was a promise ring because Hayward kept it on her right hand. For the time being, Petrou and Hayward are still together, but their goals as a couple are still a mystery.

Kayla Pimentel, a well-known social media celebrity, was Thomas Petrou’s first notable romance. Since they’d met, they’d been inseparable, and their love had warmed the hearts of many. It was time to call it a day, so they thought. Prior to the inauguration of “The Hype House” in December, Thomas Petrou and a group of friends made this decision in late 2019. In both films, the couple decided it was time to move on, which was the common thread. It didn’t matter what they did for a living, they still loved each other.


In addition to his rental properties, YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok, and his coffee company, Petrou’s estimated net worth exceeds $2 million dollars. he says. A social media influencer, not only does he make money on YouTube, but he also makes quite a bit on Instagram.

His appearance on Hype House and the rental of his residence for the shoot were both paid for by Netflix, but he also made money from other sources, including Netflix.


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