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‘The Man From Toronto’ Will Teddy And Toronto Stop Deadly Mission?


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The much anticipated 2022 action-comedy, ‘The Man from Toronto’ directed by Patrick Hughes, is out now on Netflix. The movie premiered on Friday, June 24, 2022, with the star casts. The movie plot follows New York’s biggest screw-up who is mistaken for the “Man from Toronto,” the world’s deadliest assassin and the two wind up in the same Airbnb rental. 

The exclusive Netflix premiere stars the comedian and actor Kevin Hart as Teddy Nilson together with Academy Award-nominated actor Woody Harrelson as Randy, The Man from Toronto.

The story is written by Jason Blumenthal and Robbie Fox, while the screenplay is co-written by Chris Bremner and Robbie Fox. The other cast includes Jasmine Mathews, Pierson Fodé, Kaley Cuoco, Ellen Barkin, and other prominent actors in supporting roles. 

The Man From Toronto Deals With The Incident Happening Between The Weird Duo

The film was initially scheduled to be theatrically released by Sony Pictures, but the film’s distribution rights were marketed to Netflix. With its debut on Netflix, the action-comedy film is beginning to get positive reviews from viewers.

As expected, the movie proceeds with turbulent incidents happening throughout the journey of the weird duo, Teddy and Toronto. Due to some incidents, they end up working together on a deadly mission after they were mistaken for their identities. This situation makes the movie quite pleasing for the audience. 

The movie The Man From Toronto swifts from dynamic action sequences to hysterical arguments between the duo. This takes the audience on an entertaining ride that they would remember for quite a long time. The movie comes with numerous highlight scenes which take you to different emotions.        

'The Man From Toronto' Will Teddy And Toronto Stop Deadly Mission

The story moves majorly based on a man named Sebastian Marin, who is an ex-colonel of Venezuela. He had once staged a coup in order to destroy the government. Yet, the U.S. intelligence gets to know about his notorious plan, and thus he, along with his wife Daniela went to hiding before the intelligence could catch them. 

As his revenge, Marin plans to attack the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington, and to successfully execute his monstrous plan, he needed the special code designed by scientist Coughlin and a thumbprint of scientist Mr. Green. For that, Marin hired Toronto’s handler to bring these two men to him. But unfortunately, Teddy gets involved in the case.

All the plans of Marin get entangled when Teddy gets into the case. Within the time, the FBI finds out and starts to raid Marin and finally ends up killing him after a lot of chaotic and thrilling turns of events, thus ending all his dreams.

As the movie proceeds, Teddy was arrested by the FBI. Toronto manages to escape from the spot with a bag full of cash to venture into a new chapter in his life where he can be free from all the violence. And, it was revealed that Toronto did not take Mr. Green’s finger as he was against the idea of killing people. Thus the mission could have failed anyway. 

By the end of the film, several incidents happen, related to the money taken by Toronto. But he manages to keep himself and Teddy safe from all scenarios and continues to keep up their friendship. In the end, Toronto begins his new restaurant and starts dating Anne. On the other hand, Teddy overcame his failures and started his online boxing classes. The film ends happily with both Teddy and Toronto growing their friendship together with their new ventures. 


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