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Fans Will Be Shocked!! Teen Mom 2 Co-star Briana Is Expecting Her First Child!!


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“Teen Mom” co-star Briana DeJesus announced on social media that her “bestie,” Shiraz, was expecting a baby girl. The gender of the kid was revealed last week in a fresh social media post from her. After the Gender Reveal party last week, she took to social media to post a picture of herself and her friends in the parking lot.

After the Gender Reveal party last week

Briana’s best friend Shiraz, who is expecting her first child, is having a girl. During the party, the two buddies were seen hugging each other.

 Teen Mom 2 Co-star Briana Is Expecting Her First Child

Briana is dressed simply in a white floral-printed dress with a denim jacket.

‘We are expecting a baby,’ read the first post. The statement that she would be attending the Gender Reveal celebration in Orlando came next.

Briana’s Relationship With Devoin: Where Is She Now?

Briana appears to be overjoyed about the impending arrival of her first child. According to other sources, she also embraced Shiraz with tears in her eyes during the party.

Her former spouses, with whom she has children, are currently engaged in a bitter divorce battle, which makes this development all the more startling.


With Devon, she has a daughter named Nova, and she has two more children with her ex-husband, Luis.

Her spouse, Devoin, is currently enraged at MTV since he was rejected for a position in their upcoming series, which he believes is unfair.

A Teen Mom fan page had a taste of his rage during the publication of an episode for the upcoming season, according to sources.

In addition to cursing the show, he is also reported to have cursed MTV. Later, he posted a scathing critique of MTV’s treatment of him as an actor.

Several of the show’s fans retaliated by teasing him and claiming that he was rejected by MTV because he demanded exorbitant fees for his meager acting abilities. Many also said that he needs a best friend like Briana who can help him get through tough times and help him market his business better than he can on his own, which he does.

Some of the negative comments about Devoin have been retweeted and agreed to by Briana. According to accounts, this behavior has enraged many of her supporters.

A number of people chastised her for being “too nasty” to her spouse and recommended her to be more pleasant and respectful of his decisions.

There were several who cautioned her that continuing to be critical of Devoin could make maintaining a normal relationship with him difficult in the future.

Luis and Briana, Briana’s ex-husband

Stella, Luis’s ten-year-old daughter, has previously been referred to as an “absent dad” by her mother.

In Briana’s current position with her ex-husband, she appears to be very agitated. He is a terrible father since he never shows up for his responsibilities and always demands an apology.

Roxanne, her mother, also made a statement about this in an interview she gave. That Luis has been away from his daughter for most of her childhood came up in conversation. She also said that he is not a responsible father, despite the fact that he and his daughter have a wonderful relationship.


Briana is looking forward to the coming of a new baby in her best friend’s life, despite the commotion in her own life.


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