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All About Sommer Ray: Net Worth, Income, Career


Sommer Ray is an American model and social media sensation. She has participated in many bodybuilding and fitness competitions and has won. Her fitness amassed many people.

All About Sommer Ray: Net Worth, Income, Career

Sommer Ray has a huge fan following. Her parents also have been involved with bodybuilding.

Sommer Ray Net Worth, Income, Career

She is a highly active member of social media. Ray consistently posts content related to fitness and bodybuilding as well as she is an owner of a YouTube channel.

Through the YouTube channel, she shares her fitness secrets. Ray is a member of “The Clout Gang,”. It is a group of popular “YouTubers”.  The Instagram page of Sommer Ray houses jaw-dropping selfies that have captivated millions of followers. The fame of the model has brought her a few controversies.

Personal Life Of Sommer Ray

Shannon Ray, the mother of Sommer Ray, worked as a beauty blogger as well as her mother as an Instagram model. Sommer Ray is currently 25 years old.

She has siblings named Bronson, Savana, and Skylyn. Sommer’s mother is Czechoslovakian, and her father was adopted. Her sisters are also social media stars.

During her childhood, she moved to several cities due to the profession of her parents. Although, she is currently living with her family in Lone Tree, Colorado.

The workout session of Sommer includes a high rep range which consists of 12 to 15 reps per set. The workouts help to keep her lower body in shape.

Sommer squats to improve her body strength. She is not a big fan of cardio as the metabolism rate of the bodybuilder is pretty good.

It was a rumor that she was in a relationship with Bryan Le who is also a YouTuber. Bryan Le is known as ‘RiceGum.’ Later, Sommer Ray and Bryan Le both were accused of faking the relationship to gain viewership for their channel.

Sommer previously dated Max Ehrich who is a young and restless actor. As per the report, the affair started in August 2017. The rumor arrived when both started appearing together in public. Sommer and Max Ehrich were spotted together at the ‘Happy Death Day.’

The premiere was held at Universal Studios of Hollywood. Sommer had met Max through their common friend named Bella Throne who is an actor by profession. Currently, bodybuilder Sommer is dating Eduardo Isaish Chacon.

Career And Net Worth

Sommer Ray embarked on her fitness journey when she was just 15 years old. At that time her parents moved to Lone Tree, Colorado.

Sommer learned many things about fitness, bodybuilding, and workouts from her father. Sommer started weight lifting sessions in her gym.

She won 2 trophies at the 2015 NPC Colorado State Championship. The categories were ‘Bikini class D’ and ‘Bikini Teen’. In the same year, the member of “Clout Gang,” bagged the 16th spot at the NPC USA Championship.

In 2016, Sommer Ray was called the ‘Lovely Lady of the Day ’by Sports Illustrated.

After that, she shifted her focus. Sommer decided to become a Bikini model and she changed her workout routine as well as her diet. As of 20222, the net worth of Sommer is around $2 million.

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