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Rachel Dolezal Leaked Nudes Sends The Internet Into Meltdown Mode


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Rachel Dolezal is back in the news after her leaked OnlyFans photos caused a stir online. In 2015, she went viral for saying she was a black woman, even though she was white.

Dolezal, a self-described activist who now calls herself Nkechi Diallo, was president of the NAACP’s Spokane, Washington chapter until it came out that she was born to two white parents.

The news quickly sparked a nationwide debate on racial issues, and she didn’t back down from her claims, even though ancestry tests proved them wrong. Now the 44-year-old is being mocked after photos from her OnlyFans account were posted on social media.

Rachel Dolezal Leaked Nudes Sends The Internet

“Rachel Dolezal really should have stayed a blonde white woman. Ever since the world found out she was an incognito woman, she’s been teased every day of her life.

Rachel Dolezal

“Rachel Dolezal’s OnlyFans nude pictures popping up on my timeline is proof that Jesus Babatunde Harold Christ just has to get us. Play the trumpet already. Let’s get ready,” someone laughed. Similarly, another tweet read, “Just saw Rachel Dolezal’s tits. We are definitely in the final days”.

“If you leaked Rachel Dolezal’s onlyfans you would have had to pay for it so you are going to hell twice. For leaking and paying,” someone else said. Another person said, “I woke up and saw that Rachel Dolezal has an OnlyFans. That’s all I need to know about the Internet, folks. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“In the last two years, we’ve had a global pandemic, an attack on the capital by homegrown terrorists, and Rachel Dolezal has started an OnlyFans,” someone else said.

“In my opinion, Rachel Dolezal is criticized too much. Who among us hasn’t pretended to be a black woman, joined the NAACP, been exposed in the news, gone viral, been publicly shamed, gone broke, or started an Onlyfans site that posted nude pictures? We’ve all been in that situation, right? “, said another person.


Dolezal joined the adult subscription site in August 2021, which is worth noting. Her subscribers pay $9.99 per month to access her exclusive content, which includes nude pictures of her and tips on beauty, fitness, and art. At the time of publication, the activist had not yet responded to the furor over the leaks.

Dolezal announced the launch of her site last year. She is known for acting like an African-American woman despite being born to white parents. In an Instagram post that she later deleted, she wrote:

Rachel Dolezal

She said at the time that her page would include her artwork, fitness exercises, hair and makeup tutorials, “foot pictures” and other “random” content like “posts of me using stuff people buy from my Amazon wish list.”

Dolezal also said she would post three times a week, along with “other interspersed posts,” for a total of more than 12 posts per month. She even told people on social media about her plans:

When Rachel Dolezal’s private photos hit the Internet, many social media users trolled the former NAACP chairwoman with a barrage of funny memes.

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Rachel Anne Dolezal was born Nkechi Amare Diallo on November 12, 1977. She is an American activist and former college professor who is known for portraying herself as a black woman even though she was born to white parents.

She claimed to be black, but she also said she was Native American. Dolezal was born on November 12, 1977, in Lincoln County, Montana.

Rachel Dolezal Leaked Nudes Sends The Internet Into Meltdown Mode

Her parents, Ruthanne (née Schertel) and Lawrence “Larry” Dolezal are white and of mostly German, Czech and Swedish descent. She was born a blonde with blue eyes and straight hair. Larry and Ruthanne Dolezal were married in 1974.

Her last name has Czech roots. Joshua Dolezal, Dolezal’s older biological brother, wrote a book about her childhood in Montana. Joshua Dolezal has been a full professor of English at Central College in Iowa since 2015. Dolezal’s parents took in three African American children and a Haitian child when she was a teenager.

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